Can any MA(gs)'s clear this up for me

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dryden7641, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi. I've been looking at this for a few months now on the RN website and I'm not quite sure of what happens when. Let me highlight.

    "After two months at the HMS Sultan in Gosport, you’ll progress to the Defence Medical Services Training Centre in Aldershot where you will spend 20 weeks studying first aid, environmental and preventative medicine, anatomy and physiology, administration and pharmacy.

    When you finish, you’ll be awarded the distinctive Red Geneva Cross. After gaining practical experience in various hospital departments with ill and traumatised patients, you’ll sit your final exam to become a Medical Assistant. You’ll then be posted to a ship or Naval Medical Centre in the UK."

    Even if anyone with an IQ double mine (about 6) can shed light on if you finish training then move on to practical experience in hosp depts and do a final exam, or do the practical as part of phase two with the final exam I would be grateful.

    Not sure if it's 6 months then practical or six months with
    (my brain is about to explode.)

    Thanks given to all replies :-D
  2. Not related to your question but apparently you do not go to HMS Sultan. This is what my CA told me. Happy to be corrected?
  3. Ha ha. That's news to me but if true then it could help. If rumours are true you can't get married accommodation unless your p2 is 6 months or longer then the less 2 months will be a godsend. It sucks being the only earner in the family home. But, as you said. Stand by
  4. "Take 2 of these and come back tomorrow." seems to cover most Naval medical dramas IIRC.
    Just write that out 100 times and you'll be right.
  5. 2 brufen, come and see me in 3 days if it still hurts.

    2 penicillin, come and see me in 3 days if it's still dripping... :D
  6. I believe that you do 20 weeks in various hospital departments (A&E for example) in Aldershot and when you reach a certain point (20 weeks it seems) you can sit you MA test. Not sure if you get the Geneva cross before or after the test because the article is not particular well written but I don't see the point in handing out badges before you've passed the test (like giving someone a green lid before they've done the 30 miles)

    now I am (like yourself) in the application process and it has not yet been explained to me so the only knowledge I have is from literature I have been given or from the website. I imagine more will be explained at the interview.

    Im sure Angry_Doc will turn up soon and clear this up because that would be a great help to a lot of us it seems.
  7. If it's any use at all there were RN personnel working in the A+E department in Worthing hospital last summer; pongos as well.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't get to excited, I suspect that the first ten weeks will be spent at HMS Raleigh doing your basic training you will then move onto your professional training.

    No doubt the God like figures of Super Mario or Ninja Watsit will be along to give advice shortly
  9. Thanks to every one for all answers. Cheered me up as I sit in the operating theatre on a slow day.

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