camping out :] what kit should I take.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Kola, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, as some of you may know from other threads Im taking a year to get to the standard of fitness I want to be at then am applying to RMR.

    To accompany this I thought I may take to the hills for a few weekends.

    Id like to make it similar in kit used to the RMR during there training to fam my self with it.

    I was a regular in the army in the 90's so my knowledge of kit issue is maybe out of date. (then again, we are British forces, probs hasn't changed a bit)

    So, what would I need?

    Sleeping bag
    Gore tex Bivi bag
    hexi burner and rations
    mess tins

    how would i carry it all?

    any suggestions appreciated
  2. :eek:mg:

    How did you carry your kit when amonst the Pongonites? In one of these?


  3. You sure you were in the army mate?? be honest now!!
  4. Camping out! :eek:mfg: Tell me, were you in 2 Para?

  5. why is everyone doubting I was in the army?

    Yeah camping out. to fam myslef with the equipment again.

    Why not??

    Jeez this forum is far from encouraging.
  6. When I was in the Army we used webbin which Id imagine is still the norm these days.

    Since I have been out over 10 years and the fact the RM is spec forces Im guessing kit has moved on alot from what I initially used, so my question of how do I carry it all means exactly what burgan does the RMR use?

    Can I ask why most people on here are hostile to new comers? It doesnt give a good representation of what the RMR may be about.

    Also it is off putting to others wanting to join the forum.
  7. ???????

    Can I suggest you spend a bit more time in researching the RM.

    They are special, very special in some cases. ;)
  8. Okay Kola i bite mate!!

    Firstly, if your 34 as you say you are then why do i (aged 35) manage to string a sentance together without using text speak and poor spelling reminiscent of a teenager??

    Secondly, the Royal Marines are not Special Forces as has been pointed out to you.

    Thirdly, we are not hostile to newcomers but why not just be honest with us!!
  9. I suffer from dyslexia thats why !!! Didn't think spelling was of such importance in the RMR.

    I served with the Army from 1995 until 1999.
    I saw active service twice in bosnia and have the attnendence medals to prove as well as a ton of photos.
    I was based in germany as I got more money (loa allowence) and got tax free fags and petrol.
    Whilst in bosnisa i was based in sareavo, MG (maconichgrad) and previa - sorry probs spelled them all wrong so I must be lying eh??

    Would it help if I gave you my army number by pm???

    Would it help if I showed you my army reference????

    Would it help if we spoke on the phone???

    What do you want from me. My questions are genuine yet and my passion for getting in the RMR is second to none.
  10. With four years of experience as an infanteer I'd be anticipating deeper questions than those you've asked today. Personally I'm very surprised that you've never had the standard bugbears of loadcarrying, like chafing.

    If you're thinking about staying out overnight then I'm pretty sure you already realise that you need to carry the kit in a pack of some kind. You have no need to go out and buy one you'd be issued with anyway.

    Incidentally, I'm dyslexic. All it means is that I need to use a speel chucker or find some way of identifying which words I'm not clear on and verifying them. Try not to use it as an excuse for what some might consider is sloppyness.

    There are some very useful resources out there, all it needs is a little bit of nouse and taking some time over using them, that way you're less likely to p!ss people off which what some might consider are ill thought through questions.
  11. Fine in that case as an ex RMR ranks fire away mate!!

    hexi-burners used to be binned after phase 1 training so get yourself a good gas cooker such as Optimus or MSR.

    The Corps use the PLCE Bergens and fighting order (webbing) so the days when i had to use 58 pattern with large packs are long gone thank god!!

    The sleeping bag is a personal choice to you once you get through training but i would use the issue one during training.

    Also. In phase 2 training you were allowed to use a buffalo jacket but i suspect being an old sweat this has now changed to snugpack stuff which looks pretty good.

    As Lukep says, use some cycling shorts during yomps as this helps to prevent chaffing. This might be a bit alien to an ex pongo but personal hygiene skills in the fiels also help to prevent and problems in that area!!
  12. Thank you for a straight answer.

    I am after using the exact same equipment so when I start my RMR training next year I am familiar with it. Sorry if I didnt word my initial question very well but as said written English isnt my best strength.

    From my army experience I know what a nightmare packing sleeping bags and burgans are etc when theres no light.
    If I buy the same equipment now as I will use in training I can be familiar with it and it will be like second nature come this time next year. One less thing to master.

    Also I aim to get dropped off in some forest local and navigate a pre mapped route, then come back the next day.

    RMR training is going to be very hard, I am under no illusion. This is what attracts me to it, but I am in between jobs at the mo and have alot of time I would like to dedicate to becoming the best wanbe RMR I can.

    Sorry if this all sounds ridiculously keen but I am ridiculously dedicated to joining the RMR.
  13. I find you quite fascinating Kola. I don't know an ex pongo 5,10,15,20 or 25 years out of the Army who would dream of going on a Bootneck forum and asking ''What should i take when camping out?? and how should i carry it??''. I know guys who would rather die than ask me a question like that. I don't doubt you was in the Army mate i just find you mega perculiar. What regiment was you in mate? Was it a mega REMF one?? No digs or shame if you were mate it might answer alot of questions thats all.
  14. On this thread he says he served as a loggy.
  15. No worries.

    Good luck with it. Which unit are you going to try for as a matter of interest??
  16. I was a loggy for most of my service. I started out in the infantry but they had a drastic shortage of drivers for work in Bosnia. I transfered over.

    I can prove I was in the army. If any of you live near me I will meet and show photos etc. I live in the Tyne & Wear area.

    I am a man and can post or ask questions and risk being sneered at. I have recipient some good info by asking my questions and as such am more knowledgeable than if I had not asked. Who is the fool I wonder?
  17. I think you take things too personaly. Its only a bit of piss taking.
  18. I agree. The old adage if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined reigns supreme within the Corps.

  19. I love banter m8 I do but when its wrote down IE without non verbal communication its difficult to know how to take it. Just seemed like everyone was dying to rip a bit off my. Not that im bothered, I can handle it. Just cry for a bit and Ill get over it all

  20. AGAIN.

    Dyslexia doesn't promote text speech..

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