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u know what, i hadnt thought about my earlier life in the navy at all,then i stumbled across this in my office ,and i have plenty of time to write ,so i will.had nicole around my house last night,allways a hoot,she is so much like me.iv come to work to day 28.12.2009,raining like hell, going home, freckels,the ferral cat,happens to be miss freckells,got 4 kittens at the car yard ,oh no????.i really in need of a holiday,if you really want to know a good place to go,i used to go to thailand ,untill i found sabang beach puerto galera mindoro is phillipines,i must of been there 60 time,i stay at action divers with my mate johnno from melbourne,mates, we have had some wild times,haha thats for another time.well im going to buy a bottle of scotch and go home to my poverty pac house ,haha got a big pool though.poppey is my bull mastif,he is cool,unlike his drunken master

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