Campaign To Warn Smokers Of July Ban

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, May 13, 2007.

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  1. My local Off Licence is SOOOOOOOO looking forward to this - the Manageress there reckons her profits will soar as more people will choose to stay at home with friends !!

    Still not sure which side of the fence I sit on with this - as an ex smoker I can see both sides of the argument................ not that the opinions of the general public ever mattered!! 8O :D
  2. Can't understand why they didn't go for smoking pubs and no smoking pubs. All the staff at the pubs I go into smoke and would be happy to serve in a smokey one. I hear that they are also trying to ban smoking whilst driving now as well. There will be farting restrictions before we know it.
  3. Could someone please confirm/refute this. I have been led to believe that Westminster Palace (The Houses of Parliament) WILL NOT BE covered by the smoking ban, and that rooms and at least one bar will be set aside for smokers.
  4. If the effects of smoking only affected those actually puffing on a ciggy then there would be no reason for the ban.
    Unfortunately it affects anyone in the vicinity of the smoker. Perhaps when the ban comes into effect I will use my local more often. I don't mind the hangover I have after a visit, but I do object to the way my clothes stink of tobacco smoke.
    This ban could be a good thing and may encourage smokers to give up. However the downside is what will the chancellor tax next so that he can raise the lost revenue. Did someone mention Farting?
  5. True.

    Also, prisons and (I think) police interview rooms will be exempt.
  6. Visit any town in Scotland these days and almost every pub has a small crowd outside at some time or other having a smoke, men and women.
    Some smaller pubs say they'll have to close, but I dont know the statistics on that one.
    Lorry drivers are not supposed to smoke in their cabs, I'm told.
    geoff(ers) :?
    Also ex-smoker, but dont object to others doing it :)
  7. Had a collegue at BAe when I worked for them who had this printed on a card and displayed on his desk.

    You may have the habit of smoking
    The residue of this habit is stinking tobacco smoke
    I have the habit of drinking beer
    The residue of this is Urine
    I will not object to you leaving your residue around my desk if you do not object to me leaving my residue around your desk.
  8. According to the regs, any vehicle used for work purposes that can be used by other employees or the public will be smoke free, ie taxis, HGVs, delivery vans, MT cars, public transport etc.

    Just looking forward to a smoking ban on the Gosport Ferry so I don't have to smell ciggie fumes at 0700 every morning.
  9. Without the smell of ciggies, pubs smell of stale sweat and farts.

    Also, when you're trying to dash into the pub when it's pissing down, non of the smokers clique crammed in the doorway will move to let you in.
  10. Since there are restrictions on eating/using phones etc while driving, it seems only logical that other distracting activities which stop you keeping both hands on the controls (steady), like smoking, should also be banned. Anything else simply wouldn't be logical.

    Ref the smell in pubs/clubs without smoke to cover it up: bring back pomanders? Adds a touch of class while solving the odour issue :)
  11. Fair comment, but they also need to get rid of kids from the back seat, dogs dribbling in your ear and Terry Wogan on the radio.
  12. Couldn't agree more on all three!
  13. but why was the choice taken away from the owner of the pub. he/she should be given the option after all it is there living room. smokers have a choice to use smoking or smoke free pubs, likewise none tabbers have the option of smoke free or smoking pubs.

    just think smokers have less rights than illegal immigrants in prison
  14. MPs jealously guard their priviledges. Actually much of the Estate currently has smoking bans because of the health & safety implications as well as the fire risks in parts of the Palace - but that is quite a recent innovation.

    Historically all Royal Palaces tend to have exemption from legislation unless specifically included, and as Parliament is conveniently a Royal Palace it can elect into or out of legislation before a Bill has its Third Reading (prior to receiving Royal Assent).
  15. To be honest, it doesn't seem to have a huge impact up here north of the border. The pubs are just as packed, we just take it in turns to shiver outside, lol! I think there was a report done 1yr after it started saying that it hadn't reduced the number of smokers drastically, which was what they apparently wanted it to do!
    I smoke and i can't say i'm bothered either way, though i think the driving side would be daft, like it was said earlier, its not the only distraction. what abouts kids, radios, etc?

  16. Perhaps the powers that be think smoking is a) a different level of distraction (since it necessarily involves use of one hand, like food, phones etc) and/or b) one that can be easily eliminated if the driver chooses to comply with the legislation (unlike kids, dogs)?

    Regarding the "why couldn't it be left up to the pub owner?" question: the rationale seems to be that well-being beats autonomy. The government have concluded (rightly or wrongly) that passive smoking damages health so badly that it's deemed more important than individual choice. Similar mindset to compulsory helmet-wearing on motorbikes: well-being is more important than the choice to wear helmets or not.
  17. I would rather face ten thousand motorists driving towards me smoking than 10 woman on the school run driving 4X4's.
  18. No more Wanking at traffic lights for me then :?
  19. I said "steady", damnit!

    And wanking at the traffic lights is just tacky - real men do it while going round roundabouts :D
  20. Can I still have a **** as long as I'm not smoking then!!!!

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