Campaign to save HMS Plymouth

I just got this E-mail and, although it is not WW2, thought to spread it around:

I am a member of the South Georgia Association and involved in the campaign to save HMS Plymouth, the frigate which fought in 1982 and on which the Argentine surrender of S Georgia was signed. We plan to relocate the ship to Plymouth to open her as a tourist attraction and our plans can be found on Warship Management Ltd » Welcome .

We are looking for messages of support for our campaign to incorporate in our business plan and already have several including one from Lord Owen and several from tourist bodies in Devon.Can supply if you wish.

It would be great if SGA could provide such a message even if very general in terms of saving the ship given her historic significance.

Many thanks

Richard Holme
01892 546546
07801 947339
I couldn't find anything with the search button, so if this has been done feel free to delete it.

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