Campaign for the Exoneration of the Golly


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Nazism at the Beeb! As a fully paid-up contributor to what is fast becoming the BPCBC, I object to this fascist approach to something that I also grew up with and which has never done any harm to anyone!

If she'd said it on air, I'd have some sympathy, but she didn't. I think we need the CRE or at least the ethnic minority involved to exonerate the Golly.


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Looks like it was either Adrian Chiles or Joe Brandt that ratted on her.
Hope his bollocks turn square and fester at the corners, and the same for that fat twat Joe Brandt. :cry:
Being an ex Golly, I've got a gollywog called Jamal, the Golly on the Iron Duke is called Delron and I think the one on Norfolk was called Leeroy. Is that racist? I couldn't give a fcuk, if she'd have said "Look! Monkey Tennis!" then I'd have understood the outrage, but saying Gollywog off camera?
If the person who reported Carol was so upset by the term, lets hope that he/she has the guts to stand up and be counted.
I think not. The snivelling get!!!
I wonder what would have happened had she said; "That blonde tennis player looks like a barby doll". Nothing I expect and racism only seems to work one way in this country. ;-)


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Definitely a case of double standards. Ross actually broadcast his low life comments, he only got suspended for three months. At the most Carol should be given the same punishment. If everyone was to report every case of verbal silliness no one would be in work. How come that the 'whistle blower' is not named? If he/she was so upset why not be open and own up? Has Carol no defence against the draconian punishment?
I believe the remark was directed at a coloured tennis players hairstyle because it looked like the hairstyle of the golliwog that you used to see as the trademark on Robertsons Jam, happy days!!
No doubt the PC police will be happy with this result.
We will all have to watch what we say in company, or it may offend, and some barsteward may report you, just like the good old days in Germany under A. Hitler.
Its enough to make a Bishop burn his good book and go bagging off.


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I hope Carol as a journo can eventually nail those who smeaked on her. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Otherwise, if she sits by the river long enough, her enemies should eventually come floating past.
I understood that it was a comment on our very own porridge-wog, Andy Murray. Deffo a man of colour!

As someone who's four children were very happy to be the owners of golliwogs knitted by my Mother in law, should I fear the knock of the new liarbour thought police, or should we worry lest they come to drag her from her nursing home on her 98th birthday tomorrow?

As a further thought. Will children now have to abandon their annual spring hunt for polliwogs? Will the RN have to dream up a new nickname for the sssshhhhhhh branch?

2badge_mango said:
I understood that it was a comment on our very own porridge-wog, Andy Murray. Deffo a man of colour!
No it wasn't - it was aimed at Jo-Wilfried Tsonga:

Tsonga is black, and in my experience black people generally aren't keen on being referred to as 'wogs' or by any other racist term.

While I really do sympathise with the general antipathy towards the manipulation of language in the public arena, I'm getting a little weary of how often people seize on every time someone gets accused of racism as a moment of 'PC gone mad'. That's a case of disengaged brain every bit as pernicious as mad lefties suspending nurses for offering prayers for their patients.

Thatcher has described a black person (not Andy Murray!) with a term that is considered highly offensive by an overwhelming majority of black people (not to mention the other minorities it's been used to describe), dating as it does to a time of rampant racial oppression. In the circumstances I have absolutely no problem with the One Show at the very least requesting an apology from her, which she refused to give, so she was banned from the show, not the network. If the BBC had failed to act, and the comment had been related to a reporter without BBC action, they would have faced a pretty severe backlash.

On the Ross issue I think it's pretty straightforward - he should have been dismissed over Sachsgate, purely and simply because (irrespective of broadcasting it) if you or I made calls like that from a place of work we would be.
shipsnthat said:
and in my experience black people generally aren't keen on being referred to as 'wogs' or by any other racist term.

In my experience wogs refered to wandering oriental gentlemen,or, thieving bloody bum-boat arabs,not to our black friends whom we described as..............

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