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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. :wink: :wink: Good pub in Barca???????
  2. Are you looking for a pub selling British beers, Scouse?
  3. Yes please Maam :wink: Shed loads and Cheap :lol: :lol:
  4. Well certainly not at Camp Nou, which is dry. The only beer sold is the zero percent dishwater which the Spanish seem to love.
    I could let you know dozens of bars in Barcelona, good ones, there's no end to choose from.
    Beware though that spirits are not sold by measure, there are no optics and they just fill 'em up.
    Happy hours have been banned but a lot of bars get around this by giving you a free drink.
    There are simply too many bars to mention on here but I will give you a word of warning, a strange warning as well for a Scouser:
    Bacelona is ranked No1 in the world for having your wallet nicked (Yes, it is not only in Scouseland these things happen).
    Any wallet left in a trouser pocket will NOT be coming home with you - simples as that. If you are going as a group I can almost guarantee that one of you will fall victim.
    Let me know if you want any more specific advice, which area etc.
  5. Thought we 4 would go and see the Cathedral, the day after the match!! so a pub round their :wink: :wink: PS impossible to pick a scousers pocket?? we dont take(WALLETS) money out with us, as the spanish locals who bat for the other side,will ply us with drinkies all night :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. In your dreams, they have more taste than that :roll:
    The best tourist area is off the main rambla, between the old cathedral and the port.
    Or, down along the seafront in Barceloneta, towards the huge bronze fish building.
    One of my faves, near the old cathedral, is the Bar Celta, which does really good food, and good local beer.
    The cathedral I think you mean is Sagrada Familia, the whacky one which isn't finished yet.
    Buses to and from the airport (Aerobus) leave ever ten mins from either terminal (Easyjet uses terminal2, or did last week)and dump you in the Placa Catalunya which is just about in the centre of town.
    There are quite a lot of 'Irish' bars scattered about the place, it's hard to recommed any single bar/area, it's a big place.
    ps If a policeman in a natty red beret taps you on the shoulders and wags his finger - he means it!
    Anyways when are you going as I'd love to nip down to my local bar and watch Liverpool get thrashed.
  7. You will be waiting for a long time then :roll: :roll: as Liverpool are in the Mickey mouse Trophy on Channel 5. :cry: :cry: Arsenal are at Camp Nou 6th April :lol:
  8. Assumption on my part, and we all know what that does :lol:
    It'll still be a good one to watch, always good fun in the local when a big match is on.
    Seriously, the city is so big that it is hard to be specific or give recommendations, just follow your nose, and watch your wallet. It really is a cracking place so enjoy it.
    I should be around on the 6th so will PM you my home number if you need any help.
    Happy to help with any info.
  9. I would loved to have gone to the away leg of this game, but could not get a ticket or a cheap enough flight to make it viable. As usual, all the airlines ramped up their prices once the draw was made.

    I shall be at the Emirates on Wednesday for the 1st leg and cannot wait to see Messi play and hoping we can win and not conceded an away goal.

    Have fun with your lad at the Camp Nou mate, plenty of bars out there and down by the Marina is very good, or it was when I was there 2 years ago.
  10. And it still is! spoilt for choice honestly.
    My favourite is a place called Jai Kai on Calle Ginebra in an area called Barceloneta, near the harbour.
    A small place always jammed and very local, huge piles of tapas dishes on the counter.
    Look for a Celtic kind of name and counters full of tapas dishes. You buy a drink, take a plate, and they count up the sticks to charge you, and not a lot generally.
    Enjoy yourselves
  11. Bang on!
    The name of the street refers to the slave trade, so Barca has a lot in common with Scouseland. :roll:
    It does Leffe so will be getting a visit from muggins shortly.
    Bit worried about the John Smiths though, given my earlier reference to dishwater :roll:
  12. Dammit man, do you imagine I would ever be confused as whether to wear short or long :roll:
    I did linger over the guy in the gas mask though I have to admit :oops:
  13. That pub is not a million miles from the Sagrada Familia cathedral so worth a look.
    The area immediately around the church is very touristy.
    If there are less than five take a taxi, they are cheapish, the metro takes forever and you have to walk most of the way.
    Taxis are black and yellow.
  14. I hope you're not doing to Scouse what I did to my Doctor.
    He was off to Copenhagen and asked me where was good to go?
    I told him the Tivoli gardens, but not until nightfall when they are at their best.
    The twat went and when he came home he knew they were called by two names. Psssssssssst. :D
  15. :wink: :wink:
  16. there are loads of good pubs in barca, there is ryans bar on carrer paradis in placa sant jaume, by jaume 1 metro station, or there is the queen vic on Nou de la rambla its a quality bar and its resonably priced, in ryans bar during the day its €0.50 for a bottle of estrella the local p1$$ water,
  17. Rummers,

    I hope he was that good Doc - who got two there and came back aboard to give you one of 'em 8O

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