Camoron. No limit on Asian Student Immigration.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. The people who voted for the conservative party have little to complain about. What were they expecting when Cameron said he wanted a "fairer society"..

    This does smack of him chasing the block Indian vote in the UK. Historically the Indian's have voted for them and the Pakistanis for Labour .. until the Respect party showed up and caused heart palpitations within Number One Brewers Green. Well what's the point in allowing people into your country if they don't vote for you .. whatever next ....
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  2. The second and third paragraphs explain it all.
  3. I wouldn't mind being in a great partenership with Indians in this region.
    They own most of it.
  4. So they have taken over part of your area? I thought millions of people had died in wars to prevent a country being taken over by people from another. That is a pity that their efforts were wasted.
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  5. Sweepstake for how long before Guzzler responds to Flymo's comment? :)
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  6. In a few decades this country will be unrecognizable its disgusting
  7. Your right there Sphynx, new buildings will go up, old ones will come down, trees will's all changing these days.
  8. New buildings go up, you are referring to all the new Mosques yes?
  9. You're just being "coy" because guzz lives within striking distance, and knows your face.
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  10. Coy, and its in CA. By all the new mosques Sphynx..anything to back that up.
  11. There's a fair few on that map but a lot of them (most in fact) are converted existing buildings, not new builds.
  12. There were 1500 in 07.
  13. If we're counting, there are 300 Hindu temples, 409 synagogues, 94 gurdwara's (Sikh) and 16,000 C of E churches. As it's a religion with a large following, 1500 doesn't seem that many.
  14. 1 Mosque = 1200 Muslims.
    It must get Ramjam full.

  15. Hhhhmmmmm!
  16. Yes it is run by buffoons, deep in debt but it is a beautiful country and I for one would not want to live anywhere else.
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  17. Stirling, want to know why we are in debt? Please give me 44 mins and watch this
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