Camoron in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Today during our PM's meeting with Hamid Karzai he stated that we/he owed our troops a debt of gratitude that could never be repaid.

    Well this government knows how to repay that debt and that will be by the changes to the way that his government calculates annual pension increases, this will see our retired servicemen/women losing hundreds of thousands of pound.

    He, Camoron has obviously got more faces than the Guildhall Clock. :twisted:
  2. And in other news, a politician has lied.

    Get over it, he's a damn sight better than the last two cnuts we've had.
  3. Yes it can, take back all the Afghani's living in the UK
  4. So what makes him better than the other liars? :roll:
  5. He's attempting to do something about the huge number of layabout fcukwit students that populate the Country for a start, that alone gets my vote.

    But if you really must push, he hasn't sent our armed forces into any ridiculous wars yet and his gang have closed the M4 bus lane which is a mega win.
  6. He has a cuter wife ! :lol:
  7. Is that really the best you can come up with?

    The above comments will be a great comfort to the widows of servicemen killed whilst serving our country.

    Blind allegiance is a pathetic thing to witness.

  8. They could have took our troops out when they came to power with no loss of face and yes of course deaths will occur but we the taxpayers have a duty of care and aftercare. The money is there to do this but as an example the lefties in power would prefer to spend our money on attempting to rehabilitate the incorrigible druggies and alcoholics amongst us.

    You are wrong, as I detest all politicians.

    It's still there after 900 years the subserviance to those born to rule.
  9. There is no blind allegiance here, merely an opinion constructed on the experience of living under two horrendously corrupt and inept Prime Ministers.

    As Stix says, Labour got us into the shit heap we are in now and the current lot are making a pretty good go at sorting it out given the circumstances.

    The argument that Cameron is somehow to blame for the deaths of servicemen is fcuking laughable and fairly offensive. The Labour Government sent us into Iraq and Afghanistan, not the Tories or the Lib Dems. Thanks to Labour we are so deeply entwined in Afghanistan, that to simply pull out now, would be a huge disaster for UK Foreign relations.

    At least we now appear to be moving in the right direction towards pulling out of Afghanistan, a possibility that one could never envisage during Brown's reign of terror.
  10. Is this supposed to be a reference to the fact that Cameron is from the upper middle class and went to Eton?

    If so your posts shriek of jealous inadequacy.
  11. Good old PM vows to get the troops home next year. Great.

    Then the following year will hack the forces to the bone, (again), and the same troops we are all so proud of now will be on the dole.

    I love polyticks. :evil:
  12. Finks must be the happiest man alive.

    Whyfor? They always said that Jack is never happy unless he's dripping; and boy, doesn't Finks go on......and on......and on.......

    'Tis a rare pleasure to see a man abounding in so much happiness, is it not?
  13. Or whoever is in charge we descend into chaos that's just history.Both parties have one thing in common their term in office always ends in failure for that party.Usually by a combination of outside events and their own arrogance and stupidly.I can't see history making an exception anytime soon. :wink: .
  14. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Labour will never be a success because Socialism never succeeds as you will always run out of other peoples money.
  15. The last time I read that was on the back of a cornflakes packet. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  16. You are clutching at straws and I can only assume that you think this change is acceptable? Please don't come back with the response that ‘it’s necessary’ because it most certainly is not.

    Does upper middle class put him above you in your feudal mindset? :)

    A disaster for foreign affairs you say if we were to pull out now. You must mean a disaster for the 'special relationship' not that we have one with the Yanks, their special relationships are with Saudi and Israel, not necessarily in that order.
  17. Guns, I assume you make reference to new labour, wherever did you get the idea that they are socialists?
  18. The back of a cornflakes packet? :oops:
  19. Fink, you drone on more than a badly repaired loudspeaker and you are three times as bloody irritating.

    Please stay north of the border, shut your trap and leave us English alone FFS.
  20. Old labour were socialists..... I remember Dennis Healy going to the IMF with his begging bowl in the 70's..... and Harold wilson devaluing the pound in the 60's. So 'new' labour weren't that new after all.... but most of us knew that anyway. :wink:

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