Camoron does a Bliar on Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Brothers last job was at DSF. There was a meeting anout Syria then. At the time Eight months ago, it was 100% definite that the UK cannot afford to be involved. There were some serious players there, so I will go with that.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's interesting to note how suddenly belligerent the PM is regarding Syria now that Obama was re-elected.

    It's another of those multi-faction civil war nightmares, with claimed atrocities committed by all sides, no clear objectives, no genuinely obvious replacement government, no single identifiable wrong-doers and no obvious exit strategy.

    However they are a relatively mineral rich country in political terms, so I guess the outcome is inevitable to those who don't have to fight the war and the stupidity to reduce the Navy (Ratings) manpower to 500 less than that currently employed by the BBC.

    The only thing holding the government back is the genuine prospect of mass civil uproar if they are stupid enough to raise the anti. They quite obviously want to, but not for humanitarian reasons.
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  3. Let the Arabs sort their own problems out, enough British lives have been lost on catastrophic interventions that have and will not end in a peaceful stable country.

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  4. Just newspaper spin, I watched the interview on the Marr Show and Marr was trying desperately to get the general to admit to something. All he said was that there were contingency plans, as there are for any number of scenario's in any number of countries.

    Marr was being a twat IMO because he couldn't get a scoop.
  5. Why is it always the UK that feels the need to get involved with these inter-creed civil wars in sandy places.They should be left to sort it out for themselves.We have no spare capacity in our armed forces and neither can we afford it.If Cameron thinks we can perform a similar trick to that in Libya he should think again as Russia is lined up alongside of the Syrian government and wil not stand idley by and watch their influence be whittled away.
  6. I like the Russians..they realise that the Syrian government, whilst not being on your dinner party invite list, are a feck site more stable and "western" than the rebels.
  7. My bold.............this country is war weary...........particularly when it doesn't concern us.......didn't yesterday mean anything ??? Fcukwit politicians !
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  8. EU foreign ministers are discussing UK and French calls to ease sanctions so Syria rebels can be supplied with arms.
    France and the UK argue that the move would push Damascus towards a political solution.
    However, several EU states are totally opposed to ending the arms embargo, which expires on 31 May.
    Meanwhile French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said there were "growing suspicions" of "localised" chemical weapons use in Syria.
    Mr Fabius said the evidence needed "very detailed verification".
    "We are consulting with our partners to examine what specific consequences to draw," he added.
    BBC News.

    Full story here

    Are they completely mad? No one likes to see innocent people killed but this is an Islamic sectarian conflict and we should keep well clear of it. There can be little doubt that Islamic extremists will have infiltrated the Assad opposition, to drop the arms embargo would IMO be utter lunacy.

  9. Aye Flags, the last thing I want to hear from our Prime Minister is that it was the right thing to do. As you have pointed out look at the mess we have left Iraq in, Saddam was a very bad man but It is my opinion that they are worse off now than they ever were under his rule.

    Leave the Arabs to sort out their own mess.
  10. Yes, but they don't have WMD's anymore.......:roll:

  11. I would call a car bomb that kills in the region of 100 people a weapon of mass destruction.

  12. So would I.............but you get my drift !
  13. The situation in Syria is not of our doing giving arms to one side or another is only putting petrol on an already burning inferno.Russia is arming the Assad regime which was still the legitimate government in Syria the last I heard so you can bet there are some Russian advisers tucked up in there somewhere.If we were deemed as some time in the future to have helped in their death(the Russians) we might have more of a fight on our hands than we had bargained for.
    I can't help thinking we're being the Septics poodle again as we are their representative in the EU where the current talks are going on.I've heard it suggested that if the EU rejects the idea of arming the rebels the UK may consider acting unilaterally.
    The irony here is that we could end up arming Al Qaeda who we're fighting in other parts of the world.
    I feel sorry for the innocent in Syria caught up in this civil war but after Iraq and Afghanistan we should be avoiding getting drawn into another conflict we can't win.
  14. Actually I think that we are partly the cause of the Syrian crisis. Sorry to bang on about the EUROMED project .. again ... but the UK is part of the EU.
  15. Well in that case.........lets send in the Belgians !
  16. Flags,

    Fully concur with you. The Belgians and the Germans should go this time plus some of the previous communist bloc countries now in the EU. Germany keeps avoiding involvement, other than providing logistics in these campaigns, which is based on some weird post WWII philosophy that prevents them sending combat troops into harms way. The French as always will send their expendables - the Foreign Legion. For a welcome change Britain should sit this one out on the sidelines.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Is Hague nuts?

    Is it just me?

    How on earth can a sane politician suggest arming multi-faction rebel groups will bring peace or reduce the slaughter of innocents?

    Surely the way ahead is to stop trying to topple another country's government, offering no viable replacement and bring all parties to the negotiating table by giving the UN a mandate to enforce a ceasefire and share the burden of maintaining the peace.

    On humanitarian grounds alone intervention is needed and whilst China & Russia's views may differ on how we achieve peace, it would be a start if we were all in agreement that a unified multi-nation force could bring about a ceasefire.
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  18. No it's not just you N_S, it would appear that this is one of the very rare occasions on RR when everyone seems to be in agreement.

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