Camilla's New Shoes


Camilla Bought a new Pair of Shoes for a Wedding, which got increasingly tighter and tighter as the day went on.

That night after the festivities were finally over, she & Charles had retired to their room at the palace.

Camilla Flopped on the bed and said "Please remove my shoes darling, ones feet are killing one."

Ever Obediant, the Prince of Wales attacked her right Shoe with vigour.

but it would not budge.

"Harder" yelled Camilla.

"Harder?" Charles yelled back, "I'm trying darling! but it's just so bloody tight!"

"Come on give it all you've got" she cried.

Finally it released, Charles let out a big groan, and Camilla exclaimed , "Oh God that feels good."

In the bedroom next door, The Queen turned to Prince Phillip and Said, "See, I told you she would still be a virgin with a face like that!"

Meanwhile back in the other bedroom, charles was attempting to remove the other shoe, whehn he cried out "oh god, darling this ones even tighter!"

At which point Prince Phillip turned and said to the Queen: "That's my Boy, Once a Navy man, Always a Navy man!"
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