Cameroon Athletes go Missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. The other two were in the hide and seek team
  2. For a minute I thought it said 'Cameron'..............lost his daughter 'again'
    Should've gone to specsavers ! :glasses7:
  3. You can stay out of my cellar.....thats where I keep my fine wine..........patio could do with a scrub though. :iconbiggrin:
  4. A complete international football team has asked for shelter and protection in London as they said if they go home they could be targets for retribution.
    Stuart Pearce made a good argument and the team is in a refuge in south London
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  5. Fixed that for you
  6. Found 'em! They got word of a two million quid council house going spare, seeing as the previous Somali tenants had apparently done a runner without even informing the local housing authority. How dare they! Pictured here waiting for the keys to arrive, they have said that if they go back to their own country without any medals, they will all have to get jobs - and that's just not fu**ing on. Welcome to England.

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  7. This made I larf,

    BBC Sport - England up to third in Fifa world rankings
  8. I remember when it used to be the Russians/East Germans who went walkabout once the Berlin Wall was in the rear view mirror. :walk:

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