Cameron v Defence Chiefs


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My money is on Cameron though. It matters little how much he knows about defence issues, he holds the purse strings and, being a politician, any f***-ups due to any decision he makes will be automatically blamed on MoD.


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I'd have a little bit more time for Dave the Rave if he admitted that, as with everything else, there will be a mismatch in capability for the next decade, as the defence review states, and that this will be augmented by a closer working relationship with our allies. I know that sounds like political spin, but I feel happier knowing the PM has an inkling that we can't shit out MPAs at ten minutes notice rather than blundering forward with the conviction that everything is hunky-dory.

I seem to recall that this disparity between belief in the kit and reality on the ground characterised a certain Op TELIC, and that went oh so smoothly.

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