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Cameron thanks the RN before sweeping cuts.


War Hero
What is your political agenda Smeeg?

You may be right about sweeping cuts, time will tell where and when the axe will fall and what the impact on the RN in particular will be, but the link does not talk about sweeping cuts and surely the most important thing to take out of this BBC piece was that Cameron has publicly recognised the role that the RN is playing as an important and integral component in the UK armed forces.

The fact that he has done so on a UK carrier (notwithstanding the fact that it was conveniently available ahead of the G8/G20) should also (IMHO) feature in both the title to the post and any comments arising from other contributors because, if nothing else, it is hugely symbolic.
How refreshing. I don't think I've ever seen a major British politician stand up like that and speak so authoritatively and gratefully about the Armed Forces, especially the RN, without any notes or prompts.

Whatever else comes along, this is still a step in the right direction.


Lantern Swinger
I voted tory, and i quite like cameron. I agree, it was a genuine speech but i cant help but worry about the Sdr.


War Hero
Quite right. In fact I'd happily work for another year without a pay rise.


You mean I already am?

Bugger. :cry:


And I heard that the carriers are going to be turned into floating casinos moored next to the houses of parliament...

There are so many rumours going around it is difficult to know if any have any truth...


War Hero
I heard a buzz in the Naafi queue, they're cutting the mongs and we're going to war with Iran after scran.

I'm sure it's gen



War Hero
No, you're all wrong - the results are going to be announced after a NAAFI disco at which a busload of nurses is definitely turning up. Gen dit...


War Hero
"A great Naval future as well as a great Naval past" eh. Good, I like that idea. Return to the two power standard anyone? Ok, maybe a bit hopelessly optimistic, but at least he seems to know something about the RN which is a step forwards, and who knows, maybe that phrase DOES have some loaded meaning in it... fingers crossed, eh?


War Hero
Salty_Rupert said:
And I heard that the carriers are going to be turned into floating casinos moored next to the houses of parliament...

There are so many rumours going around it is difficult to know if any have any truth...
I got it red hot off the galley range that they were going to use them as MPs in town floating accommodation.That will crimp the bastards style fatso Ken Clark gets the top bunk . Camerplonker has volunteered for bathrooms heads and messdecks seeing as he is so in love wiff the mob .


smeeg said:
I voted tory, and i quite like cameron. I agree, it was a genuine speech but i cant help but worry about the Sdr.
The Labour party have more or less bankrupted the country. Every part of government spending is going to be decimated otherwise it's the end game. The traditional labour party boom and bust cycle has gone one step further this time becaue the braindead public kept voting them back in. Britains role in the world is going to be more akin to a Republic of Ireland, Sweden in the next couple of Decades. Defensive assets should be the ones that should sleep the easiest at night as the SDR unfolds.

Even on forums like this where you'd maybe expect people to be a a bit more politically savvy people seem oblivious to the disaster Labour have caused so i suppose the huge shocks that are going to hit the country in the next few years will be blamed on the Tories and Labour will get back in and finish the job.
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