Cameron talks the talk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. But he can't walk the walk. Before his trip to that rich brown gravy train they call the EU he was telling us how he would defend British interests. Here we are at home getting shafted in every conceivable orifice and he thinks he has won a great deal for us with a 2.9% increase in EU expenditure. There is no need for any increase in fact in line with most European countries the EU should be saving not increasing its expenditure. Well I have news for you Dave, coming back home with your chest puffed out like some prize peacock; they saw you coming and are now probably slapping each other’s backs saying that was easier than we thought it would be, what a duffer.

    I know it has yet to be rafified but I think it's a forgone conclusion that it will be.
  2. Fink - This is one of the rare occasions when we agree, particularly in view of this:

    Financial management in the European Union - Report by the National Audit Office

    Incidentally, didn't Maggie do well to negotiate that abatement all those years ago? :p
  3. The smirk on Angela Merklel's face said it all on the TV News that day :lol: , here comes the schmuck playing it up to his home ordinance. :lol:
  4. If a certain ******** called Brown hadn't given away our rebate negotiated by Thatcher, any rise wouldn't matter as we would still be billions better off.

    If a certain fucking ******** called Brown hadn't welched on the referendum we were promised, we could have vetoed any rise instead of hopeing some other countries would join us in reducing the wanted 6%.

    So you've gone from a good post back to your total shit.
  5. And God knows what else the good Lord Mandelson managed to negotiate the UK into on our behalf.
  6. Cameron might just as well have turned up waving a white flag.

    I did not realise you were marking my posts, how lovely. :)
  7. you can rant all you like. Dave kept schtum in opposition and preyed it would be a done deal before he got in. Bearing in mind his deputy PM spent his entire, ahem, working life in Brussels before deciding to play at politico there will be much more behind the headlines kowtowing to Europe to come.

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