Cameron takes a break with Asian family in Birmingham

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 12, 2007.

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  1. "Yet rather than staying over in one of the run-down tower block flats in Balsall Heath, his hosts were the owners of a £500,000 six-bedroom detached home overlooking Warwickshire County Cricket Ground and on the edges of one of Birmingham's most desirable suburbs."

    Hmm, not quite the mental picture I had at first, of him sharing a bedroom with 12 others (only 1 paying council tax, of course ;) )
  2. The lengths these people go to :twisted:
    Some of the houses in the Moseley area are extremely 'des res' especially near the cricket ground; lovely park just across the road, private hospital minutes away.
    He can get the 35 bus into town in a trice. Oh no, I forgot he'll be cycling and managing to maintain a cheesey smile.
    Oh lordy lord!
  3. So he picked a typical Muslim family then! The words publicity and stunt (or something sounding similar) do spring to mind. With this and his tree hugging, the next Election is going to be very difficult.
  4. I'd have been more impressed if he was staying in Lozells.
  5. Obviously aimed at the day when Gordy hopes to be the sole nominee for the Labour party leadership. Those Tories are learning, shame it took ten years.
  6. :( Imagine my dissapointment when I realised which Cameron you were refering to and not this one.

    I'll get my coat then!
  7. Dumdum, even I was disappointed ;)

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