Cameron set to unfurl the white flag again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. As I am sure you all know, If people in the UK have committed serious offences, and are in prison, they have forfeited the right to vote and rightly so IMO.

    However things look set to change as European judges have already ruled in favour of a number of inmates who have challenged their exclusion from elections. The Government has also been ordered to pay them £750 in compensation! An official source said the rulings might make it impossible to keep the ban in place.

    Once again we see EU lawmakers dictating to the UK how we will run our country, so much for' Cameron the Pacifier' standing up for our country he needs to find some balls.
  2. I don't think anyone inside should have the right to vote but this has been a long running battle with the EU who should be told to fcuk off IMHO.

    Don't think it's fair to lay it all at Cameron's feet. Brussels has said they either vote or we pay them compensation...wrong wrong wrong on all levels.

    This could be one of the few things Tories and Labour agree on, LibDems will probably applaud it.
  3. Surely being confined to prison is the sentence and that is that.
  4. I'll take £750 from them not to vote.
  5. Here goes our resident 'shackle gob' again.

    It's 'Human Rights' which the UK are signed up to - Who brought it into UK law - the fucking labour party.

    Keep digging Finks - eventually you will come up with something on Cameron.
  6. Precisely, it is about withdrawal of freedom not disenfranchisement. The whole point of custodial sentences is to place offenders in an environment that removes absolute freedom of movement where they can be monitored and prepared for subsequent release into society once rehabilitation has taken place.

    Now, if the idea was that once inside they are never to be released, I could understand why there would be no requirement for them to be allowed to vote ... but it isn't like that.

    Fink - you been at your secret store of communist vodka again? This latest post of yours is a bit Gulag Archipelago if you ask me. :wink:
  7. Well I will have to disagree, you loose your rights to take part in society when you are banged up. A referendum on Europe would put this issue to bed once and for all but those weak leaders of ours don't have the balls for it. As has already been stated we need to tell Europe to foxtrot oscar with short sharp jerks and take those limp liberals with them.

    We could learn a few lessons from Angola the Louisiana State Prison where chain gangs are still in operation. Prison is supposed to be a punishment not a fekin holiday.
  8. Rights is rights mate, not privileges.
  9. Not if as current the law says different.

    I'll put it another way if you have murdered someone in the pursuance of a crime why do you think that person should still be allowed to vote when he/she obviously has no respect for the common decency rules of society?
  10. It's nothing to do with the EU. It's the European Court of Human Rights. They are not connected. We are signatories to the European Convention on Human Rights which is an international treaty, not an instrument of the European Union.
  11. Exactly so!
  12. I'd say a fair proportion of people who are eligible to vote have scant regard for the norms of society, yet they still vote.
    You can be imprisoned for not paying your council tax or driving very fast, or for one hell of a lot of things that do not make you necessarily a bad person.
    Any single one of us could be imprisoned. It is possible.
    If we take away a prisoners right to vote then what next? Who else shall we take the vote away from; perhaps anyone that doesn't fit our own idea of the 'right' kind of person.
  13. Just remind me - who signed us up to the European Convention on Human Rights again?

    I don't think it's Cameron's fault...
  14. If some spend a little bit more Time studying their 'Wrongs' they might (after a re-qualifying period) get their 'Rights' back.......not passing Go, and not collecting £750
  15. Stated by Tony Bliar when we commited to the european HR act

    This will not affect us in this country

    As presented in the national papers at the time.

    Spooky how his missus is and was a HR lawyer at the time and has made millions from it.

    conflict of interests possibly!!
  16. EU ECOHR It's all the same to me, Frogs and Krauts and assorted others meddling in in our countries affairs when we are well able to elect our own buffoons to feck things up.

    Cameron stated that he would be standing up for the UK, so get on with it Dave and stop harping on about the previous incumbents as it is now of no relevance.
  17. FFS finx (why do my posts to finx always start like that ?)
    The white flag was unfurled a long time ago by the socialists, as previously stated. As for a referendum..... Gordon Brown/Lisbon treaty ring any bells.
    (back stabbing b#strd) I, and probably most of the country, would love to have a referndum on Europe, tell you what, why don't you start an on line petition... gather a million or so signatures, they can't ignore that.
    Failing that.... join UKIP
  18. I suspect the problem probably started way before even then. Alas we have long been plagues by weak or self-centred govts that only end up selling us downriver.

    As an aside.........just noticed your posts to Finx do always start that way......I merely thought it was a term of affection between you two :p
  19. There was much euphoria on this site when Labour decided not to form a coalition with that other lot. Now with Dave 'I'll stand up for the interests of Great Britain' at the helm great things were expected but sadly it isn’t going to happen and believe me I am as disheartened as the rest.

    What’s the Charles de Gaulle running up next week, the Tricolour or the Union Flag?
  20. Shhhhhh... :oops:

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