Cameron refuses to €2 billon bill.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by danny, Oct 24, 2014.

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    David Cameron refuses to pay a €2 billion bill which is being demanded by the 1st December. Now I'm not even going to pretend I understand if we owe the money, from what I have read it appears we do. It still seems like very bad management that the EU would demand such a considerable sum with so little time to achieve it. I know we will end up paying it but i do admire Cameron saying we won't pay it on time as its unreasonable.
    Seems like the EU is totally out of touch with the feelings of the British people and are only giving the euro sceptical British public more reasons to vote the UK out.
    With stuff like this happening I can't honestly see how Labour are going to be able to not promise a referendum on membership. Coming from a Labour heartland I would say EU membership is peoples number 1 concern.

    For the record I'm not convinced which was I would vote if given the chance, which I won't be as I will be living somewhere much warmer by then.
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  2. Danny,

    I think its stupid, we have helped bail countries out. (Greece Spain etc etc.) We are one of the few European Countires that looks to be starting to come out of this long depression. So why risk every thing just to make Brussells happy!!!

    Has the PM said why they want this money off use and why they want it so quick. I am glad we didnt take out the € and kept the £.

    I think they should stop letting countires into the EU until the downturn is over and the bigger European Countires are out of the Red and back into the black. (When ever it is)

    Well this is what i think any way.

  3. The reason is we did out accounts wrong and underpaid since 1995 as far as I can make out.
  4. So they want it just as we are looking to get our selfs sorted haha typical EU.
  5. rebbonk

    rebbonk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Camoron will pay, because he knows which side his bread is buttered on! But don't necessarily expect the truth to filter through to the electorate
  6. The treasury have known about this for some time. The EU have simply bubbled us publicly. Ignoring the rights and wrongs, the government have been sleeping on this.
  7. We didn't factor in underworld economy apparently. Illegal cigarettes, booze, prostitution etc. Other countries did. It's a true Pandora's box.
  8. So it goes back through 4 different PMs then? So why do they want it in one go in just 2 months? It's not likes a lot just 1.5 billion quid
  9. The EU's argument is we should have known how much the bill was going to be, we provided the data.
  10. Holland have also "underpaid" while the frogs, krauts and poles are all looking at getting a rebate which combined amounts to what we're expected to pay.

    Its interesting that some in the media have made out we're almost being penalized for our economy recovering but I don't remember ze Germans being put in the same position.
    Either which way, Farage must feel like Christmashas come early.
  11. Those countries did factor in their underworld economy.
  12. Farage must be creaming his jeans over this one. UKIP will keep banging on about the 55milllion daily tariff we already pay and how unjust it is to be told to cough up another 2billlion euros just for being more successful than other member states, blah blah blah. Cameron will continue to refuse to pay on the due date, but we'll pay up eventually, buckling under as we always do.
  13. Buckling or doing what w agreed too?
  14. Sad thing is that 55 million a day allows business within the UK to remain competitive against other EU countries and this bill of two billion in my eyes is a good thing. With the pound doing nothing but rising against the euro it has made UK companies less affordable and caused a downturn in manufacturing production output. Pay it let the pound drop a couple pence in value and get more people in work. (Don't crucify me for my shitty grammar please)
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  15. Bollocks to getting people in work I have a substantial amount of money to convert in to a foreign currency. I have my priorities in order haha.
  16. This massive bill is a direct result of the British ELECTORATE not voting for a Labour government.
    If Labour had won the last election the UKs finances would now be in sh!t street and we would be enjoying a massive EU rebate.o_Oo_O:confused:
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  17. How does that work then? :confused:
    No wonder we're in a mess if the government is elected by the government :p
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  18. Thanks Ballistick, fixed it mow:confused:
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  19. As I understand the situation Cameron has not refused to pay, he stated that the amount would not be paid by the due date, a different matter altogether.
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  20. It would seem that their calculations to arrive at this figure has taken into account the estimated amount sloshing around in the "black economy".

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