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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by quimby, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. David Cameron has just made the most important speech on immigration of any Prime Minister for many years.

    He tackled the subject in a frank, open, comprehensive and factual manner, while remaining sensitive to the delicacy of the issues.

    He set out a clear aim — to get net immigration down to tens of thousands — while disposing of the myth that EU migration would render this impossible.


    All well and good but it's the EU members that are flooding into our country that are putting a massive drain on our public services and I see nothing in Cameron's speech to address that problem.
  2. Immigration is part but not all of a very extensive and well rooted problem. The benefit scrounging BRITISH workshy subclass is more dangerous, all of whom use the influx of foreign nationals as an excuse.

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  3. Yes !!!! just before the local elections, no coincidence maybe???.... No mention about the flood of EU Imigration!!!! that he cant do anything about:evil3:
  4. No, he can't do anything about EU immigration but he CAN do something to staunch the general influx which is exactly what he IS doing - good for him (despite what that moron Vince Cable may think).

    There will always be whingers who complain about no jobs for the Brits - it has always been thus and will always be thus wherever British skill sets and work attitudes leave the door open for "outsiders" to exploit but that is a totally different argument. There will also continue to be whingers who complain that we are being racist, isolationist or any other "ist" that they choose to come across.

    In my opinion, at a time of high unemployment, except in situations where you need to encourage people with specific skills or for job creation reasons, we should be looking to limit economic immigration and it is a delight to see Cameron grasping this thorn (and doing it so sensitively)
  5. How predictable, elections are due and the Tories true to type pull the race card in the hope of currying favour with the gullible electorate.

    Though I am no fan of his Alex Salmond got it right on question time last nicht when he said, ‘The English lost the fight against immigration in 1066’.

    Standing by.
  6. Wonder if Vince Cable has maintained has links to the Indian continent via his first wife (deceased)?
  7. I'm sorry Jim but my first question to you is what experience have you or for that matter any serving serviceman had of close up and personal hands on dealing with the EU immigrants, in the work place?
    I ask as you seem to be pushing the old there all hardworking stalwarts and the Brits are idle twats line.
    The new generation of poles I have encountered and that has been very very many, are much like the average modern generation of Brits, and are as such no more no less likely to be these paragons of industry you perceive them to be.
    If you would like to check court registers you will find that a great many have been charged with a crime that seems to be prevalent among a lot of the younger generation regardless of nationality. The crime being Company Fraud, booking hours as worked that haven't been, not cooking the books.
    My work with NACRO and Manpower services has always touched on this offense among them. Pro rata no better or worse than the Brits.
    And its so, so easy, to attest that "I would do anything at any wage to work" when you're not actually being asked to do it.
    Its so funny how your resolve to do things, or not, is eroded when the specter actually arrives at your door.
    Yes I was guilty of it at least twice, and I've never been idle in my life as far as employment goes.

    And as you know whenever there is a point to be made in whatever direction, a story showing the opposite can be screened to counter. I could tell a few, but can't be arsed, I'm a lazy Brit.:tongue5:
  8. I saw that too Jim, the immigrant charge hand could not believe the brits were rapping their hands in after such a short period of time
    I earn < £7,500 a year ( no income tax to pay) and live very comfortably TVM, these people do not know when they are well off.
  9. I see scouse says Cameron can do nothing about EU economic migrants, a referendum on our membership would be a good start.
  10. That will be a cold day in hell.
    I am not anti anything as far as they go, its just the bullshit they seem to have to push to justify it.
    Do you not see its people who are on shit loads of money who usually tell the lower end how lazy and selective they are.
    Its like the old adage "Hard work never killed anyone". Who came up with that shit, its killed millions, and was probably some landed member of the aristocracy who thought that little gem up.
    You had the same chance as me the other half cry. No they did not, how the **** do you propose all chiefs and no Indians?
  11. Thing is Jim I agree you could find your sons story in many places, but just a point or two.
    Youngsters who live with parents can work for lower pay as dad has an emergency wallet.
    And if you saw how the Poles and others keep their overheads down, which I suppose if its temp like students do is fine, but would you live overcrowded as a permanent style and not on a war canoe either.
    A lot of jobs they get carry free or subsidized housing, and then they have been known to bring in others to lower costs.
    I have a PSV or PVC license and I could not get a job around here driving coaches or buses if I wanted to, and the same goes for many.
    Why? well you know. Now here my point comes. The average wage in this country is based on a complete intake of all.
    The real high flyer's get put in and then out comes the average about 25,000 it has just dropped from 28,000.
    Now everything is based on that fuel, wages for some professions like the armed forces etc.
    There was blokes in this forum recently debating and dripping about how much they get.

    Stix its a friggin joke, the reality check comes in when you realize most folks I know are on about 14 to 18 thousand, and please don't tell me I only mix with laborers. My cost of living is dictated by the average NATIONAL wage, which makes a travesty of the style and standards of living in this part of the country and the further north you go the worse it gets.
    IE lower wages generally in the highlands, but food is much dearer as you have to pay southern drivers on southern wages to get it there and its an extreme.
    Now benefit is based on government figures usually at the top end so benefit versus minimum wage? no contest.
    And if we know, why doesn't government want to?
    Employers don't employ Poles etc to stay in business, but to increase already in a lot of cases a high profit.
    I pay the same as a bloke on 60 or 70 thousand for welding etc and get no discount if the labour is cheap.
    I bet you wouldn't want to try to live long term on some of my hard working friends salaries, and I feel without my pension I would be in shit street in rip off Britain.
    Equal windows of opportunity are fuckin pipe dreams in this country, and I do not say it with jealousy as I am comfortable.
  12. ^_^Well Bully me into getting back on thread^_^
  13. A friend of mine has just completed his Jury Service Today...... out come 2 jam roles sent down and deported after there sentence is completed. They are Polish Mafia letting property and obtaining jobs for other Eastern Europeans workers .... not there own!!!! The judge and ushers had a smile on their faces with the jurys verdict:cheers:
  14. I think circa AD30 is a bit nearer the mark......then they had to build a wall to keep the savages out. :blob6:
  15. Pray tell about this flood of EU immigration that is putting a massive strain on our public services - I think that is utter rot and certainly no more strain than the work shy Brits put on the system
    Of all the countries in the EU we probably have the least immigration legal or illegal. Last time I looked Ireland was topping the league. Germany will be near the top, Spain has them coming in by the thousands on rafts, and we were somewhere very near the bottom, if not actually at it.
    The last time I looked the country that provided us with the most illegal immigrants or those that had overstayed their welcome was the U.S.
    Thing is it's often harder to recognise them.
    ps Wasn't there an article in the Wail or some such other rag recently. An article which mentioned that the educational standards of school leavers, British ones, were no so low as to make them almost unemployable.
  16. Bit selective there are we not, believing the wail when it backs your point of view.

    So according to the general consensus, this country is so shit with huge amounts of work shy bastards hanging on, that the solution is staring us in the face.
    Scrap the armed forces, after all they are inadequate with no firepower and punch measured internationally, and in any event there is nothing worth defending in this stinking idle shit tip.
    We divide up all the wealth between those of us still residential here and the last ****** out switches out the light and closes the door.
  17. Get real Jigger !!! go down to the Maternity ward in any hospital in the UK.... big strain on the midwifes .....Re Eastern European births also A and E !!!!!!!
  18. Back of Agie's half eleven, bring a grip.
  19. A brief detour off topic but it would be rude not to respond.

    I think his point and mine is that the Normans hierarchical system is still in place with your Queen, Barons, Lords and Ladies etc. It is not what one could call a modern 21st century democracy, yet still our screwball leaders driven by their dogma attempt to force it on others and invariably make a complete arse of it, as IMO we shall see once again as the Libyan situation unfolds.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2011
  20. So the clans elected their Lairds did they ?..... in between knocking ten bells out of each other !..... ethnic cleansing any one ?

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