Cameron Morphing into Blair

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 6, 2009.

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    After going back on his promise to hold a referendum....Now showing signs of unpopularity..... Our "Just call me Dave" finds religion........
    Didn't some other cnut rather do the same.
    It's worrying to see that the future policy in this land is decided by one who acts only to popularity and is, like the Blair and Brown ilk, incapable of standing by what has been said.
  2. I thought it was always if not stated at least implied that a referendum would only be held if all member states had not signed the treaty.

    When the nuliebour are kicked out of power, whoever takes over the reigns after them will have the perfect stick to threaten Europe with (at least initially), the offer of giving the UK a referendum on staying in or leaving the EU would give them a great deal of clout in getting concessions out of the EU as the UK is one of the few net contributors to the EU coffers.
  3. The French foreign minister hass already derided Camerons empty promises, later retracted, but the general guist is still the same No referendum=no clout...Lets have a public mandate and put some lipstick on this pig
  4. Exactly right.

    Peeps will have to get used to the idea that you cannot stop a steamroller by standing in front of it - Best hop into the cab and steer it in a safer direction.

    Only if THAT cannot be achieved do you then grab your kit-bag and hammock and jump off.
  5. There will be no referendum on EU membership, and none of the already ratified EU constitution or treaty. It won't happen not ever, and not never.
    Bliar Mk2 and his Eton educated aristocratic cabinet, the one with no policies whatsoever, will never do it.
    What will be likely to happen is a steady degradation of UK influence in Europe, and a more fevered arse licking of U.S. foreign policy than we have EVER seen before. The sum total of which will leave the UK wobbling about on the fringes of one of the most powerful economic units in the world, with no one trusting it, and most people laughing at it.
    Wishy washy and eager to please policies have their downside; anyone care to hazard a guess as to where General Motors will get rid of the 10,000 employes it wants to in its' European operation? Anyone seen Vauxhall workers parading through the streets in their thousands in a show of solidarity? I'll bet a round of the best products of Harveys of Lewes as to where that little axe will fall.
  6. 'Eaton educated cabinet' Just goes to show you are not above stereotyping sussex, before you start bleating nuliebour proaganda check out the facts 1st
  7. Muggins is not about to dish out propaganda for ANY polictical party, unless the anarchists increase in numbers, therefore I stand alone and do not bleat, only party following sheep do that.
    I have checked out my facts and 90 percent of Mr Bliar Mk2's cabinet went to Eton. The man himself is from one of the oldest aristocratic familys in the country.
    He may cycle to work, with the Lexus following on behind, but deep inside he's an aristo through and through.
  8. Who was given areferendum on the treaty..
    The Dutch and French voted against a Constitution and it was then redrafted and given a different name..Same content just a different title.
    To my understanding only a couple of countrys have been given a vote. We have all be lied to.
    Cannot Treaties be broken. The Americans and Indians did it with monotonous regularity as Russia, Japan, Germany and indeed GB.
    Why dont we simply say no and vote.. If its Yes then so be it.
    If its no....we'll never know!
  9. Well considering 20% of the Shadow front bench are female, that immediately blows a hole in your claim of 90% and proves that you have not checked your facts, that fact is many went to state schools, but as this goes against your bias you choose to ignore it
  10. I am not biased in favour of any political party, especially one with no policy whatsoever.
    The title of the thread is Cameron morphing into Blair. I wouldn't say that was true, more that he has already been successfuly cloned, programmed, and been loaded with all that is necessary to be equally as devious, all the bells and whistles, everything on the options list.
    Plus, given his aristo background he'll have you doffing your cap in no time at all.
    A couple of years from now, when the cuts have decimated the place, don't say you weren't warned. The man has already made it perfectly plain that is what is intended, if that can be called a policy.
    So, in that I suppose and giving him a shred of credit, he has at least been, for now, honest.
  11. This as stupid a thread as those nails starts. What is the point of wasting millions of pounds we don't have on a referendum when it can make no difference whatsoever.

    It's been signed by all and will be ratified by December. Even if every single person in the UK voted no, it can make no difference to it. A referendum now can't change anything.
  12. Sussex I was on about your obvious bias against the consewrvatives, you have painted them (in your mind at least) as a bunch of aristocrats, where in truth many of them come from far humbler backgrounds. I would have difficulty believing anything you have to say on the subject when you have already proven without a shadow of a doubt that you are prepared to lie about the subject

    When it took only 2 minutes googling to find out just how inaccurate your statement was
  13. Ok mate, but a couple of percentage points doesn't remove the overall bias in the party, nor the ancestry of the leader.
    Tell you what, let's have a little bet. Let's wait for the campaign proper to start and the first Conservative to be recorded quoting 'Victorian values'. I fell sure this will happen, and we'll know spots have not been changed.
    A couple of pints of Harveys Tom Paine if I lose.
    Fancy a punt :wink: :lol:
  14. You are exactly correct. It'd be bolting the door after the euro nag has fled.
  15. Victorian Values, thats a good one, all very uptight in public, stiff upperlip, children should be seen and not heard, spare the rod ruin the child, when the reality was very very different.

    But the term imho is used to express family unity, a good work ethic, a desire to better ourselves and out nation. which I have to admit are things worth striving for, so yes it will be used (its been used for decades now, and it hit the sot with part of the electorate, so why throw away a good line) - so no bet there, but I take it you read the line to mean something else entirely?

    And Sussex, you really need to look at the definition of a few, I can categorically state that 15 of the 27 men in the Conservative front bench attended state schools, throw in the females and that takes it to 22 of the 34 definitely did not attend eton, of the remaining 12 yes 1 (cameron) definatly went to eton, the remainder, public, probably, eaton, well certainly not all of them.

    Funny thing is, it took me no time whatsoever to find that little lot out, fist page I opened from the google search, the labour lot are not so forthcoming
  16. Sadly, Blair has created the template for party leaders: Amoral, Oxbridge-educated arrseholes with nice hair.
  17. Time will tell and I would certainly never check the info given by a fellow RR member.
    I simply remember when the party was called the Conservative and Unionist party, and that sticks in my throat. In a similar vain I remember when the Labour party was just that, committed to the working man.
  18. I still can't get over how D-Day veterans booed Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he arrived in Normandy the other week for the remembrance ceremonies, but maintained a reverent silence for German veterans as they arrived.

    Gordon Brown - less popular to our D-Day veterans than the Nazis who shot at them on the beaches of Normandy.

    Gordon Brown looks like someone's drawn a sad face on a scrotum...
  19. Sussex, I am laid up with a bad back, so anything to relieve the boredom, and your comment on 90% just did not ring true :) I only knew the names of a few of the Tory front bench, and I knew that Hauge was certainly not an eton educated aristo, so it gave me something to, so my thanks for giving me something to do.
  20. And a much decorated 'veteran' on Victoria Station in London was happy to accept the only currency I had for an enamalled poppy because 'We're all friends now mate and that's what we did it for'.
    The currency was euros of course and I reckon he was a pretty good businessman - he got 4 of the things for a 1.50GBP brooch!
    Seems the old 'uns are often well ahead of some of the younger ones.

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