Cameron is a fool

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. To mark Father's Day, the prime minister said fathers who failed to "financially and emotionally" support their children must face consequences. "It's high time runaway dads were stigmatised and the full force of shame was heaped upon them," he said.
    "They should be looked at like drink-drivers, people who are beyond the pale.

    To compare missing fathers to drink drivers is utter gibberish, drink drivers are responsible for the killing and maiming of innocents and they should be locked up and the key thrown away, an analogous cannot be drawn with fathers who fail to support their children. It sounds to me like a classic case of engaging gob before brain, still he is a politician so I expect little else.
  2. I assume daddy was always around for you then?

    Ask the question to people that have never met their fathers. "who's worse? Farmer pisspot in his Volvo or your selfish, irresponsible coward of a father?"

    See what the reply is. Put it into context.

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  3. FFS Finks....(There I've used that phrase again)................Get a hobby !
  4. I have one, it's fly fishing.
  5. You are JR Hartley and I claim the £5

  6. I have put it in context, there is no comparison between the two, it's just a cheap political shot that by all accounts has backfired on him.

    Missing dads go not go around killing innocent people FFS!
  7. I am afraid not but his book 'Wade The River and Float the Loch' is a must read for all serious fly fishermen.
  8. Cameron is 'Scab lifting'
    There are many reasons why parents divorce.

    All this type of 'scab lifting' will not help them......only the pollies
  9. That's not what he's saying you halfwit. He's saying fathers that go missing and don't take responsibility for their children should be made social pariahs in the same way drink drivers are. He's not comparing the two, he's using drink driving as an example of socially unacceptable behaviour which carries a negative stigma.

    But of course you knew that.

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  10. That's your spin on it but either way he should choose his words with more care as I am not the only halfwit in the country.
  11. So, Finks, what is your point? Do you disagree that fathers who do not support their families should be offered support? Do you agree with their stance? My reading of the article is that Cameron feels that fathers not living up to their parental obligations should receive the same social stigma as drink drivers have recently adopted. Personally I don't see a problem with that stance.

    I don't read it as a comparison, but I can see how someone reading it trying to find fault would.
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  12. So there is a fault in his choice of words, I rest may case m'lud.
  13. It's not spin, it's how it reads if you aren't looking to shoot the man down.

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  14. Finks,

    As ever, out of step. BUFFS.


  15. I must I really must disagree, I am the only one who is in step, it's the coalition’s faithful drones who are tock- ticking but how could they keep in step with their heeds buried in the sand?
  16. So what about the fathers (aka moi) who pay CSA maintenance every month (being in the RN the CSA have you by the balls!) and are denied access by the mothers, over 5 years since I've seen my 2 daughers, not through choice or through lack of trying, I admit it's more difficult from this side of the pond though. Should'nt the mothers who deny access also be put in the same group?
  17. Again, he's not saying all absent fathers are to be pilloried, he's saying those that choose to be absent and refuse to take responsibility for it. Rightly so in my eyes.

    And I agree Chaz, fairer treatment of the father who does want a part in his Childs upbringing but is denied the opportunity by the mother should certainly be next on the agenda whilst they're at it.

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  18. There you go then, in failing to give a balanced viewpoint he surely engaged gob before brain, not what I would expect nay demand from our leader or from an alumni of Eton and Oxford.
  19. Of course, "engaging gob before brain" could also apply to those who have gone off on one about a valid point by the PM and decided that he's attacked all single fathers.

    He could cough though and to you it would be a declaration of genocide against Judaism.

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  20. MLP, are you to Cameron what Alastair Campbell was to Blair, cos I think you are you rascal?

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