Camera phones, Bluetooth and all that.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. What's the dodgiest stuff you've ever seen or had bluetoothed to you, mob-wise?

    I saw one of a naked wren masturbating with an empty vodka bottle in a mess square surrounded by cheering lads a few months ago. I think it was in a 22. (Cracking body on her as well).

    I've also heard of one that was taken in Raleigh, part 1 trainees, two girls lezzing each other up whilst a lad filmed it. Unfortunately he bluetoothed it to his mates and accidentally sent it to some nearby crushers as well. Ooops. (Story I heard was that they were in serious shit, looking at being discharged, when they called the skipper's bluff and threatened to go to the press. Charges were dropped. Dunno if this is true though.)

    Anyway, one: Anyone seen any dodgy stuff? No names!

    Two: What do you think would happen if the press got hold of it, especially after what happened with the booties in December.
  2. my bluetooth is enabled if you want to send them over............... :roll: :roll: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Seriously though......

    I would imagine after they had studied the evidence pretty much in depth over a few days they would say that the RN is a den of iniquity. I also imagine that the same kind of thing goes on in Army and RAF barracks.
  4. I've seen one of two girls prancing about in the showers at HMS Collingwood.

    An also a lad sitting on a toilet with a girl going some ontop while his oppo filmed it from under the door, i think this happened in a loo at HMS Sultan.
  5. At last - a sensible forum. Keep it up guys & girls.
  6. Cracking stuff , this is more like it :p :roll:
  7. Once saw a Wrn Chef going down the main engine space, I was on WE rounds and thought it was a tad wierd. Followed her down there and to my suprise there was 2 stokers and a Wrn WAFU gtting down and dirty behind one of th units.

    Had a good mind to call a fire ex and guess where :twisted:
  8. Oh you are a spoil sport!

  9. Maxi, seriously if I told you my little 'dits', I don't think your tickers would handle it all :wink:
  10. You could alwats try, after all it might solve some of your moderation problems.

  11. JD.....

    Come on spill the beans(dits), my ticker can take it :wink:
  12. Cheeky sod, what problems! I am fine and dandy thank you, wanna take this behind the lockers???????? I have a mean south paw ya know :twisted:

    Or you wanna settle this with a game of uckers???
  13. Not uckers but I used to play a mean game of liars.

    Too many miss spent hours in the back bar of the wardroom at Faslane.

  14. Come on then Jenny , spin the dits, we can take it :twisted: :roll: :twisted:
  15. What exactly would have happened if I was caught in a lude act with some young fella in the CO's chair on the bridge and in his bath tub?
  16. [/quote]

    Not uckers but I used to play a mean game of liars.

    Too many miss spent hours in the back bar of the wardroom at Faslane.

    What about freckles???? :twisted:
  17. Jenny you can't be in the COs chair on the bridge and in his bath at the same so that question would'nt have arisen :twisted: :roll: :twisted:
  18. You would have made the front pages of the NOTW. If had been the old man himself, then possibly the Sunday Sport as well. :lol:
  19. You're not the brightest spark are you, go figure and no, it wasn't with the CO lol

    Edited: for being a mong and trying to post a tad tipsy
  20. Jenny I suggest you run a spell-checker across your posts as you are averaging about two per post.Pedantic,Moi?

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