Camel Foot vs. Moose Knuckle - the difference.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. For students of anatomy, the following phots show the difference between the Camel Foot compared to the Moose Knuckle:

    The Camel Foot:


    The Moose Knuckle:

  2. More chins than a chinese phone book!!
  3. Shakey, why's Moose-Knuckle's arse in front? :? 8O :wink:
  4. Who cares!! I feel physically sick now looking at that gronk!!
  5. Probably trapped worse though NB 8O
  6. Just checked out BOB and Tom, fcuking pissed myself laughing on that one!! Theres a gronk at work whose eaten too many pies since she started but refuses to get her jekylls (thats cockney rhyming slang for trousers) changed to a bigger size. As a consequence i'm subjected to the cloven hoof, man in a boat, camel toe or whatever else it's called being flashed at every opportunity. Although i love the female form i draw the line with this particular individual. Spenny your correct in your assessment my sweaty friend (that too is rhyming slang for scottish folk)
  7. Sweaty sock? :lol:

    Ah well mucks, just wait till those puppies split up the seam and the goods all spill out in the middle of the office. I bet the fckr will be wishing she'd bought a bigger size then eh!! :wink:
  8. Sweaty sock indeed!! Jekyll and hydes=strides. Just in case you didn't work that one out!! Fucking hell your right, the rig that my firm issue is absolutely crap, one of the knees is going on a pair of my trousers so i'm going to sew a patch on in the shape of an apple or something similar just to prove a point. In her defence the rig isn't at all flattering but when Mr subtle here is grimacing at the sight of her Kebeb in her trousers and her tits flapping about like Spaniels ears then the hint should be taken!!
  9. OK Cretins theres no need to show the Geordie bird i refused to shag, my God is nothing sacred on here.
  10. A couple of weeks of Horizontal yomping and this chick could be slimmer of the month!! Send in the Nods from RMR London mate - good fitness and build up training, to prepare them for some of the awful sights they might see in war. :wink:
  11. Cant be a geordie mate, she's wearing too many clothes for that!! Dont know anything about RMR London nods Spenny, that was another lifetime and(15 years for me) another cap-badge. oh and i'm known as sheila now due to my sex change!! Mind you i still look good in green, it cant be worse than the fat munter in the phot!!! Off to do some phys now, dont want to end up like that with my missus cooking eh
  12. There was a female pongo at our parade in Scouse land that could give that woman a run for her money!! Not nice and definately not passing any fitness tests.
  13. Wow, did she star in VIZ ??, ONE OR BOTH OF THE FAT SLAGS !!
  14. Maybe she ate the two falt slags!! 8O
  15. Fcuking hell a scouse, a pongo and fat all in the bargain. Sounds like i'm going to need about twenty pints for that one. Any port in a storm though eh :wink: Theres an a&e nurse at a well known hospital near here who would give her a run for her money. She scares the shit out of harry Bootneck here, especially when she enquired as to whether i was single or not!! Stand by RRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!!

  16. You should have got her number, arranged to meet her in town on a run ashore then suggested a game of pull the pig!! Winner!!
  17. Bargain. Would have to get the lads to place their bets first though!! There will need to be a few quid in for me if i'm going to subject myself to such nastiness. Anyway i'm a taken man and contrary to believe RE hairy arsed bootnecks we do have some standards!! She reminds me of the blue thing in monsters inc (didn't pay attention to the name) or was it Honey Monster??
  18. So thats where the Black Mountains are kept these days. ;-)

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