Cambria Challenge i.e. Its a Knockout - CANCELLED

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by beer_bosun, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Gutted. Was really looking forward to this after a shit mobilisation.

    There really is very little fun left in this organisation.
  2. Not been the same since the sweepers went.

    Broke me 'eart!
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Are you talking of the open bridge Ton class, or the luxury Rivers? Nostalgia - ain't what it used to be :)
  4. As I understand the dit, it's cancelled due to insufficient interest. We're just too busy, it seems.
  5. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ :) Only kidding :)
  6. Not according to a few moles I have in the area.

    The issue has been that units have not submitted their personnel returns by the required date.

    Its lack of co-ordination at unit level that has shafted this one. My unit is not exempt from this criticism.

    I do think though, that as they have managed to cancel for this year, it could well be the end of it completely.
  7. My local unit is HMS Cambria and I was there last Wednesday when we were told about this. All we were told was that there insufficient interest, but that it would be held again next year possibly.

    As a newcomer to the unit I was looking forward to this, having heard a few stories from past years. Let's hope we get enough interest next year.
  8. Defo. Wonder what is considered to be 'insufficient interest'.

    I note that numbers are dwindling at other events too, which is worrying. Bisley and Sailing Regatta to name but two!!
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I think the problem is the decreasing lack of unit identity seen by many people leading to a lack of knowledge and interest about these events. It was much easier to drum up enthusiasm when you had regular unit drill nights and were all planning what to do there on the run ashore. Now in the age of branch based training, there is a lack of communication which means people are less interested in doing this sort of thing. A shame, but sadly inevitable. LEts not even start on the MTD / T&S restrictions in place as well!
  10. it is hard to put forward names when no one is at the units. We are on the bones of our arse at mines.
  11. Bisley's reduced attendance is not owing to a lack of enthusiasm by any means. Unfortunetly, owing to recent changes in weapon handling regulations, to attend Bisley you must have passed certain courses and be in date. This invariably means that it is, effectively, only open to SeaRes, not the whole of the RNR (though there have been a few exceptions). Thus, it does appear to be less-well attended!
    Hope this helps

    SO2 Seaman
  12. It doesn't help that the units seem to have differing policies regarding payment. Some pay their people to go, others pay a day, others pay nothing. It's an official national weekend, even if it is largely social and is an inter-unit competition. I stopped going once the money dried up at my unit. Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot of unpaid time over the years, but if the powers that be continue to take the p**s as they have done in the last few years, with the pips well and truly squeaking, then they have to eventually expect those who have had their faces slapped repeatedly will eventually rebel and not bother.

    We're all aware of extreme budget cuts and have to cut our cloth accordingly, but where does it all stop? Either we have a motivated, high morale organisation, with can-do attitude, or we don't and the bean counters have to play their part in that or expect interest to wane.

    The fact that some units paid 16 days for Helios Encounter and others 18 shows the archaic and unfathomable lack of uniformity from unit to unit. i.e. If a unit travels on friday night for several hours, then is up getting organised along with everyone else for several hours isn't being paid while others are it creates a lot of unrest and a feeling of being less valued than others and instills a rebel mentality - a 'why should I' attitude.

    I know there are those out there who will criticise my point of view, but get real, If you want professionalism you don't get it for free.
  13. if anyone feels that they should have been paid more than they have been for EX HC 10, pse get in touch with me, as I will look into the matter urgently. I'm not saying that people may have been under-paid, as I do not have the full facts, but as the SO2 of the branch that ran the exercise, I am in a position to look at it, if I know the full facts.
    PM or email pse
    Yours Aye
  14. Totally agree with everything that you just said, Leader.
  15. You might want to attend the Crowborough Challenge weekend in September instead ? over 250 attending, Some good CLM stuff and always a great social
  16. I am currently mobilised and therefore i may be incorrect with the following comments but out here there seems to be alot of "movers and shakers" from many different units who are currently mobilised or preparing to mobilise or returning from mobilisation. Every unit has a core of people who do much of the organising and arranging and with many of those people out of the picture at present then it's little wonder that things don't get done.

    With regards to hookyh's comments regarding pay, i personally had such a good time at It's a Knockout last year that i would gladly do it without pay.

    I would also concur with Masterchiefs comments regarding Crowborough. We put a team in last year and came second - IF ONLY WE COULD PLAY VOLLEYBALL!!!! It was one of the best weekends i've ever had in nine years in the RNR.
  17. Crowborough is a fantastic weekend, well worth attending.

    For those confirmed to attend, good luck. Don't freak out on the A-frame (obstacle course).

  18. Trehorn mate if you were on the sidelines of a game I was playing:


  19. No longer a competition in my mind then WarSea can keep it - tell me; is there anything left to do in this organisation because I tell you now I don't think there is!!
  20. Spot on!!

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