Calve injury

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by schlanga, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. hi, just wondering if any one can help
    Last summer/autumn i started training for the RM. Built up to just over 10k, good pace with boots. November i got a Calf injury (middle of the calf where the two muscles join. i was always streching properly and hydrating/dieting correctly. Couple of months past and i started running on it again as it felt better, but half way through my run i felt it pulling again. the pain has been there since then to this day, still no better, with keeping it relaxed, light stretches and 5 times to a physio. i havnt been running, but i was able to keep up my upper body circuits. now its got to a point where it has been 6 months without inprovement, and iv stopped trainin completely, as it has got me into a bad depression and i can feel it all the time.
    Any advice on what to do next would be much much appreciated!! thanks for reading...
  2. Get to your doctors and ask him to refer you to a physio as soon as pos.
  3. Tigerbalm massaged in is good.
  4. He hasn't joined yet let alone had a run ashore in honky fid or singers.
  5. If you've already had physio they may not be able to do much more - what does s/he say? This could be anything from uneven weight distribution when running to poor footwear, a foot arch problem or a stress fracture (not a through and through break, but inflammation of the outer layer of the bone caused by overuse). Orthotics (insoles) may help if it's one of the first three options.

    You could ask your GP if you could be referred to either a sports physician or an orthopaedic surgeon with appropriate interest. You may require imaging of some sort - either ultrasound or possibly an MRI to see what's going on.
  6. yes i think the doctor might be a good bet, but iv been on a few forums now about this and all seem to say the doctors are useless. but mayb it will have to come down to it. both physios said different things. one said iv got a knot and it definatley seemed to be the point where the pain was. she tried massing it out, but the lump never seems to go down or get better. iv also been taking anti-inflams. second didnt say anything about the knot but he found scar tissue to the left of the knot and it also felt dull. he tried his magic but still no overall help. obviously i dont want to keep shedding out if it aint going to help. 2 months after the injury i wnt to alexandras, a speciallised sport shop and brought some proper trainers what they advised as my feet tend to roll inwards. they feel great the trainers, but no do they help my situation. i think ill visit the docs! cheers guys
  7. Lots of people on fora (including RumRation) are very fast to criticise doctors and "conventional" medicine because of a sub-optimal treatment of (usually) one of their mates, or someone they've heard about. Also, many are critical of doctors for giving out ibuprofen for joint pain when, in reality, most joint problems are caused by inflammation and the treatment of inflammation is, shock horror, anti-inflammatories. Granted, if problems go on for a while then things need to be looked at again, but there is no way that can be predicted from day 1 and we can't MRI scan everyone with a sprained ankle, etc.

    In the current litigious climate doctors are usually pretty fast to admit when they're out of their depth and refer the patient on appropriately. This may not always have been the case, but times have changed. You should be seen by someone who is familiar with conditions such as yours, and the way that happens in the UK is referral from your general practitioner who, contrary to what the Daily Mail says, is not an imbicile who earns porn-star wages, but is one of the last generalists in medicine (ie not specialised) and is pretty knowledgable. (Cue several people spinning dits about when their GP messed up - none of us are infallible, including you guys!).

    So get an appointment with your GP, enquire about seeing either a sports physician or an orthopaedic surgeon and all the best. And don't listen to people with scare stories!
  8. Thank u man, much much appreciated ur time in explaining. im booked in for fri so will update on any news. fingers crossed!!!
  9. do you get a pins and needles sensation just before it goes

    if so i've had it before and it seems speaking to Navy physio its just one of these things that can be properly fixed

    scar tissue will form where the tear happened and the best way to stop it happening again is to stretch out properly concentrating on the calf muscle and build up it up, so the tear is encase within muscle

    but i've ran 4-5 miles and it didnt tear, then i could try another run and only last a couple of hundred metres and feel it about to go

  10. Good post Doc and exactly what I was going to advise.

    From experience mate, get it checked asap before it becomes a permenant issue. Contact your local Podiatrist and book in for a biomechanical assesment for starters.

    Good luck and PM me if you need any more info.

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