Calm down, calm down

As correctly pointed out to my goodself, it has been done before. Plus, I do rather wonder whether 200 people mashed to pulp on suburban trains might change the opinion of quite a few governments - tosser :twisted:
Plus my fine feathered friend 40 percent of the Spanish population went out in peaceful demonstration against the illegal invasion of another country. Pray tell me you tosser when was the last time 40 percent of the UK got off their junk food lard arses to protest about anything :banghead:
angry_mac said:

Yeah a million lard arse compliant brits here - tosser.
Mmmm! I am only good at money but reckon 40 percent of the UK population would be about/at least 20 million or thereabouts mate.
Which would leave how many lard arses AWOL?


Lantern Swinger
So according to Sussex2's logic we should have run off from Northern Ireland too then as we had lost over 200 people to murdering arseholes by 1972. And I'm sorry but in what way is declaring war on a country that constantly ignored UN demands, murdered thousands of its citizens, had a recent history of aggressive wars and according to the best info that was available at the time had WMDs, illegal? If fcukwits like you were allowed to dictat policy the Soviets would have rocked up to Bordeaux before you would have done anything. To everyone else I wasn't aware that there was already a thread, my bad.


Lantern Swinger
PS. 40% of the Spanish population is around 16 million who may have marched to protest the bombing but nowhere near that many marched against Iraq. If I'm wrong I wait with baited breath for whatever make believe source you got that from you dense, self righteous cnut.

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