Calling any submariner chefs

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by fuzziesrkool, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. My stepson is thinking about becoming a chef in the RN and is seriously considering submarines. He is finding it difficult to make the decision because the information we got from the recruitment chappie wasn't detailed enough. Anyone out there like to give him more info to help make the decision. He is coming up 16 and has passed his recruitment test.
    Stepmum from hell!
  2. No one has ever passed the chefs course.
  3. Ho Ho Ho. :roll: Originality not your strong point?

  4. I aspire to be a food spoiler too, only thing is i am allergic to paper hats, will this prevent me from joining?
  5. As long as you dont kill any one its accepted as equivalent, some have come pretty close :sad4:
  6. I would recommend he goes for general service chef. This would allow him to spend some time in the RN having a good time, seeing the world on surface ships. Once he's got bored, having been to all the good runs ashore, if he is still interested in submarines he could then volunteer to go to boats. It is likely that they would then snap his hand off.

    The other option is to join as a chef SM and go straight to boats. Once in boats it is considerably more difficult to move across to GS so it would be likely that he would be permanently a submariner.

    Of course, I'm no expert in chef branch progression but I believe there are some branches which once you reach a certain rate you can no longer serve in submarines so by default come across to GS. I imagine chef may be one of these but this is most likely at CPO level. I know an MA and Logs(SC) who both left submarines to have a sea draft as a CPO.

    Short answer: it is easier to go GS to SM than it is to go SM to GS
  7. Do submariners get a lot of deep fried food? 8O

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Taxi
  8. Someone had to say it.
  9. All pussers chefs are tradesmen,Fitters and turners,fit it into saucepans and turn it into s??t!
    We used to call the Killick chef on the Opportune a leading bio-chemist after he gave five of the crew food poisoning!!
  10. Very good advice.
  11. Did we have a 'chef' onboard!! :lol:

    I remember a couple of cooks (sic!) and the chief bean-counter - pun intended! :wink:
  12. Cook Who?
  13. Only five? He wasnt very good. must try harder :D
  14. Cook ing - He's loafing in the bakery!
  15. Give him a head start and buy him "1000 recipes with mince".

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