Calling any ex CIS/ET(ME) on RR

Hi guys, i just passed my Psychometric test and scored high enough for both branches i wanted; ET(ME) & CIS. I'm now trying to decide which one to go ahead with, granted they're both very different trades but i feel i'd enjoy them both equally, so what it ultimately comes down to is employability once my time is up.

Can any of you ex CIS/ET(ME)'s on here perhaps give me the pro's & con's of each branch and maybe what recognised qualifications i would get in either of them? Basically, which branch would offer the better career in civvi street once i've done my 18 years...

This is a big decision that will effect the rest of my life so i want to make sure i get it right.

Thanks for any and all replies :)
Cheers mate, found quite a few threads on both branches although none seemed to answer my question re career opportunities after the Royal Navy and specific cons of each branch.

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