calling all yeovilteenies (ATC)past and present

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by seen_off, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Ladies and gents as I am sure most of you are aware vln will be moving into there nice shiny new tower after summer leave. To celebrate this I (totally giving away who I am to everyone) am organising a TTD in the WO & Senior rates mess on 14th Sep 06. Any past or serving senior rates who would like to come along send me a private message with your contact details.
    I mainly looking for serving and ex senior rates at the moment due to the fact I have 30 officers and only 7 SR's up to now and been in the SR mess I need more to make it easier for the pres to give me the go ahead.
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I spent a year in that fcuking ATC as an assistant. Never again....
  3. Only time I was ever in the tower was joining/leaving the station, or getting a bollicking for some misdemeanor out on the point :? :lol: So I don't think my time there counts??????
  4. Thanks 'Seen Off'

    We spoke today regarding your kind invitation to my''Minister' and I am sure that he will be delighted to accept - as for those ill mannered enough to post objectional responses, who needs 'em anyway!

    Yours aye,

  5. Grow up Kiddo
  6. bloody softies get on the deck or fire station!
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'll grow up when people learn to talk to me like a human being and not shout at me. Talking as a Warfare Senior Rate, I can safely say I have never come across a branch that contained so many rude pr1cks. And I was a wafu for over 4 years...
  8. Imagine the scene. gently driving down the perry track at Yeovilton, obviously obeying the speed limit as the eagled eye ATC are watching and just passing the Police dog compound. Meanwhile the duty ATC rating is poised, like a coiled spring he watches as the car approches the runway lights. He waits till the car is close enough and pounces. Lights to RED. HA HA HA rings out out from the tower. Time for a brew mutters the ATC rating. Meanwhile back on the perry track the queue grows longer and longer reaching down the track. People grow more bemused as to why the wait. No air traffic around wonder whats going on. After a quick brew and dit session to impress the new PAC wren the duty ATC rating reappears, happy to see the large queue of traffic he accepts victory and reluctantly presses lights to green. A normal working day in yeovilton ATC passes by.
  9. obviously a failed AC. jealousy is a vicious thing
  10. It was even more fun at Portland. If you changed the (pedestrian) lights to red whilst someone was crossing, they had to double!!!!!!!!!
  11. i was there the year before it closed and i do remember ATC having fun with a rather large WREN aem who they would wait till she was half way across before changing to red for a bit of fun :p :D :)
  12. Yeovilton was my first draft after basic training as an AH and I spent the first 6 months of 1970 working in the VCP of ATC before moving on to other establishments/ships. I only have very fond memories of that period, but then that was probably because it was manned by the AH branch. I returned to Yeovilton for a 2 year period from 1975 and a 1 year period from 1979 but on these occasions I worked on the Fire Station. I left the FAA in 1980 as a PO(AH).
  13. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Jealous of what exactly? And no, I never did want to go AC! I had my sights set a lot higher! :lol:
  14. Well, Well, we must know each other - I too was in VL Fire Station between 78 - 80.
  15. Done both and got the T Shirts - best jobs ever!
  16. We still have AH's in ATC, although they are very old and smell of cabbage!

    Gawd bless em.
  17. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Is Rog the WO wedge technician still there?
  18. In my day it was only AH because the AC did not exist. We had one CPO working the GCA (CPO Green) radar and it appeared a lot busier then. The Sea Vixens landing were a sight to see.
  19. Depends which 'Rog' you mean - both 'Rog B's' are here and both now Civil Service - one is Air Staff Officer and t'other Flight Planning Manager. The latter, however, spent so little time as a real AH that it hardly bears mention whilst the former spent most of his time chasing down the chocks that were on his permament loan and had been hijacked by steamies to prop up their machinery. The latter will be truly p***ed when he reads this!
  20. obvoiusly someone managed to get into my account

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