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Calling all waiting recruits!!


To all you guys and girls waiting in a panic to join HMS Raleigh, don't worry about how tough it is going to be! I have just succesfully finished phase 1 training and thought i would try to put some minds at ease!

I am not going to lie, there are times when training is tough and you feel bogged down. But you look back on these moments proud that you overcame. The training is not there to catch you out and get rid of you! The staff give you as much assistance as possible, and as long as you are prepared to work hard and to the best of your abilities they will do as much as they can to keep you.

On the whole training is enjoyable and you will do things that you will never do outside of the RN. Fitness is key however. No you dont have to be ultra fit like a marine (god knows that i'm not), however you do PT a couple of times a week so make sure you focus on press ups and running!

Most importantly enjoy it and work hard, that is what they are looking for. They want to see a transformation fom civvy to sailor, all of my class bonded and we hope to stay in contact. It's about making sure you can adapt and overcome new situations (please excuse the chessy line there!)

All the best guys!!
Congratulations, Dee!

Ermm, Slopehead. No need to reply. Dee's Title was '...Waiting Recruits' not '...Walting Recruits:roll::wink:


BZ Dee and thanks for popping back up, of all the fledglings hatched at RR very few return to tell it like it really is.

BTW & Just for The Record Dee:

What were the best and worst parts of RALEIGH for you/your class?


Lantern Swinger
Congradulations mate. Cant wait for that day to come! 2 years down 1 to go... All the best for phase 2


honestly guys in the end you will love it! real sense of achievement at the end of it! And the best bit for me (and i think i can say reasonably rightly) and the rest of my class was winning the guard for the pass out parade. Which although it doesnt really decide a lot nowdays, we still got to walk out of the parade shed first on the day with shiny bayonets attatched to the rifle. It was a really good feeling, knowing we were the best class at drill of the 2. :) But the worst bit for me was the constant bivvying out in the field and having to do the 'wet and dry' routine. It was such a hassle and all of us were starting to think we had joined the army rather than the royal navy! it turns out we were just with the gunners and marines!! :p

Hang in there guys who are waiting!!
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