Calling all Sailors HMS Troubridge

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by scouse, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. A special reunion for all those who served on HMS Troubridge. Is being staged Tomorrow (Friday) at Crewe 1930 till 22OO hrs. Billed as the thinking mans, funny man Shep Wooley, provides the entertainment.At the good ship 7 Nantwich Road. All Matelots /Bootnecks and servicemen past and present are welcome :thumright:
  2. Sorry I was getting muddled up with the Navy Lark..... me thinking PO Jon Pertwee was doing the rounds from aloft! ;)
  3. Could have done witj a little more notice, so will have to give this a miss.
  4. Ditto
  5. A bit too late for me also give my love to shep!!!
  6. Can you really love a GI?

    (Although I admit to liking him too)

  7. YES !! I know shep pretty well .They were all mouth and gaiters in anycase
  8. Of all places, why Crewe? was it a clever (ish) play on words?

    People get on trains to Crewe; never to be seen again. I'll now be unable to get "oh Mr Porter" out of my head for the rest of the morning!
  9. Crew(e) seems to me to be a very appropiate place dont you think? :thumright:

    But do be careful as I've heard they eat their dead there.
  10. People get on trains to Crewe; never to be seen again.
    Your right there thats where i fell between the train and the platform .We were changing trains stepped off whooshta gone badly bruised no broken bones badly grazed PISSED
  11. Be thankful you weren't sober; you might have really hurt yourself. There again, if ......

    There but for the graze go I!
  12. I scrambled uplike a rat I remember thinking "is this train going to move ".talk about shit scared !!!

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