Discussion in 'The Corps' started by aston1, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    im very intrested in comming to the marines and serving with motovated people as im currently in the british army working with people always on the sick and general bums !!!

    anyway im after your advise im very keen to go aircrewman and havent much info about how hard is it it to get that trade after passing out ?

    any one know any marine aircrewman and what you have to achieve that carrer path?

  2. Yeh u have to enter the corps as an officer and then specialise as aircrew.

    The other option is to enter the navy in Fleet Air Arm and do whatever you want in there Harriers, Various Helos but im sure you still need to enter as an officer.

    I guess the navy would be simpler and easier as youre gonna be a pure pilot but going in the marines your gonna be a marine officer before you enter aircrew.

    i think!!

  3. I don't think that's accurate mate,
    While I was in Al-Amarah this year, the Naval Air Squadron their had a couple of marine aircrew on it, and they were Corporals. Also, if you remember, when that Lynx went down in Basra a couple of months ago, the door gunner was a marine, so I'm guessing there must be a non-commissioned aircrew specialisation in the Royal Marines. I know it's definitly the case in the Navy, the Fleet Air Arm do have the rate Aircrewman. You do have to be an officer to be a pilot though.
    I don't claim to be an expert on the subject though, I'm sure there are people out there far better informed on how to go about becoming one, than I.
    Good luck with whatever you want to do mate, you only get one shot at life, might as well take it doing something you want to do.
  4. i apologise, to be a pilot you need to be an officer,

    i just checked the marines site and you can specialise as aircrew as a plain old joey.

    i expect the navy training would be easier because you havent got all the commando course green beret stuff...

    but youll be a marine :)

  5. A little more kudos associated with being a Royal!
  6. I could be wrong but I think you will have to do at least one tour as a Marine before specialising in other areas, unless of course you are fully qualified in other areas through your Army service. Don't be offended but judging by your standard of spelling I seriously doubt that you have such qualifications. This is definately one area that you will have to brush up on before going anywhere near an aircraft.

    To be honest you need to really want to be a Royal Marine and not think about other avenues until you have settled in. The RM do not have a recruiting problem so you really need to convince them of your motives. Mentioning being aircrew at an early stage will probably not help your case.
  7. Well spotted could be a army thing the lack of grammar etc to boost recruitment into the unwashed and uneducated. Only joking but I do remember long ago when I went to school it was three strokes of the ruler for bad grammar over the finger tips such happy times.

    What no sgt pilots are you sure??? We all know sgts are the mothers we left behind to care for us God love em and keep them from harm.
  8. Nnnnnnnngh nnnnghgh nnnnnnnnnnghgh, nnnnnnnngh.

    Nnnnnnngh nnnnnnnngh nnnghghgh. :wink:
  9. i dont get it wats nnnnnnggghh??
  10. Joey's got every right to express his opinion as the rest of us, and his efforts at communication shouldn't be mocked.
  11. hey
    thanks for the reply lads and yes i will earn my green lid and go that route
    and it was the door gunner job i was looking into as a carrer path, for the future.

  12. go for it mate good luck
  13. As above - pilot or observer = officer; anything else is usually a rating.
  14. The Commando Aircrewmans branch is open to both RN and RM personnel. You have to apply to become an arcrewman and if selected will attend the course at RAF Shawbury. This is about a year long and then you'll join 848 Sqn at Yeovilton to carry out a conversion to the Sea King. After that it onto the Frontline Squadrons of 845/846.
    Alternatively there is the Door Gunner route as already mentioned. This is an easier route to follow if all you want to do is fly, but you're not as highly trained as the Aircrewmen are.
  15. I am bemused at the whole thread. I did not know that Royal knew anything but how to wear women's clothes and somehow manage to get in the news by getting naked at an end of term party!

    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    PS I am just hiding behind the sofa in case any of you are bigger than me!
  16. Winds me up as well , just let him sit in the corner , would have hated to share a messdeck with him , :roll: :twisted:

  17. You cut me deep there Silver Fox ...very deep!!
  18. You have been given some of the most recent information on the process to follow to become aircrew.

    Sadly, you're going to need more than good information to get you to the next stage.

    Your spelling is quite poor so unless you can absorb an English dictionary and a thesaurus pretty sharpish you are going to remain right where you are.

    Sorry, but it's the cruel truth. You need to be very literate to become aircrew in any capacity in the Armed Forces.

    However, if it's just poor keyboard skills then that's another matter! Cleverer men than us have crashed some pretty expensive aircraft by selecting the wrong switches.

    Go and see your Education Officer, don't fall at the first fence. Good Luck.
  19. to the fella
    keep going on about my grammar skills looking for a bite!!

    here's a bite why be so arrogant!! theres more to life then running people down get a grip and why your at it get some nice people round you then hopefully they can change your arrogant ways before some bootie chin's ya!!

    how's that for grammar

  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    1/10 must try harder - you could do with some capital letters and punctuation marks too! :D :D

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