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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fly_past, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Live aid, July 1985...
    did you watch it, bits of it, Sh*g to its beat or what?

    Did you F off out to avoid it?

    Come on. get your memories down here!
  2. Watched the lot, was on summer leave and it was a scorcher! Brilliant. Obviously Queen made it with Freddie and the crowd responding.
  3. Yep Queen stole it!

    I watched it all, it was great. There'll never be anything like that again.
    Thought U2 wer v good too. It's a pity Springsteen did'nt show.
  4. I admit I cried real tears when I saw the starving kids and the like and when Cars song DRIVE was played. Blubbed a good 'un.
    I even donated some cash that i couldnt spare.

    Well done to all concerned.
  5. I taped the whole lot from start to finish, damn hard trying to get it so the adverts didn't mess it up...Queen rocked... :thumright:
  6. Watch it......

    I was there in Wembley Stadium. Trapped a young temp secretary and had a great few days too.
  7. Watched it in the TV communal area in one of the blocks of HMS Nelson, the whole room was buzzing.
  8. Good entertainment for those who like that sort of [email protected] but what was the point when even more are starving in the dark continent? Just a vehicle for ego centric celebrities.
  9. So lots of rich pop stars organising a concert so that poor people can donate money much of which finds its way into the hands of rich people in Africa.
    Africa, a money pit.
  10. I left the mob in march '85 and on 13th July I was working in the Two Trees. It's one of those days where everyone remembers where they were, so, if you were in the 'Twigs' that day I probably served you!

    Money falling into the wrong hands isn't a criticism that I have ever heard of the Band Aid/Live Aid fundraising effort.
  11. Whole heartedly agree
    A co-worker was night shift on the friday and set his VCR to record 6 h of Live Aid whilst Zedding, He actually got 6 h of a Test match. Even better, he was a Jock and disliked the " poofy English game" with a vengence. I have made a point of retelling this story to all his new co-workers over the years.
  12. I was there! Sweated my bits off as I had worn a sweatshirt and God decides to put in one of those bloody hot days with no cloud cover.

    Took one of my sister's mates to it. Did I get anything :) in return? Nope! Never mind.

    Even bought an "I was there" T-shirt which got was eventually nicked from me.

    Hands were red raw from the amount of applauding
    Some half-caste bint got booed at as her music was all lah de dah, wishy washy stuff. Funny
    Quo and Queen were great
    Traffic was a bitch to get through afterwards

    Saw some of the food bought via Live Aid sat in an open warehouse in Djbouti in '87 whilst on the Broadsword heading to the Gulf. That's when I realised that these events do nothing apart from increase the album sales of the artists.
  13. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    £50m raised during the first eight months - two thirds of which was used to grease the palms of certain warlords and Ethiopian politicians to whom much of the responsibility of the famine was solely at the feet of. Two millionf of which 'disappeared' completely in raids on convoys by ganagsters, only for the food relief to be resold further down the line.

    There was a lot of effort put in that day by a lot of people both behind the scenes and out front. Yes, it's easy to get up and say, 'this one is from my new album and is in the shops on Monday' (which a lot of them didn't) but the whole drive and focus on what Michael Buerk had brought into our complacent, Thatcherite existence the previous year obviously pricked some consciousness. Full marks to the concept, the drive and the willpower to make it happen - as one who is always instrumental in prganising/planning and executing something as basic as a SODS opera, to do that taook some ******* spirit. And to me, anyone who chirrups up here covertly slating homosexuals and then salivates about the best moment in live music history - Freddie Mercury holding 70 thousand people in his hands and delivering a performance yet to be bettered - is guilty of absolute hypocrisy. The day was an absolute triumph, from the introduction to the final chord.

    My ex-wife was one week away from delievring my daughter. I would have broke the bank to have been there otherwise. We watched it in our flat in Southsea - every last moment of it.

    And fly_past - it was July 13 1985.

  14. I remember our Bob being mighty pissed off sending a ginormous grain ship over and this tawt demanding docking fees.. Bob said feck you I am outa here. So the tawt chnged his mind and the grain was offloaded.
  15. Duty weekend on Hermione, alongside in Pompey. Seem to remember it was a quiet duty!
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I spent the day doing "Bastards" at lympstone. :blob:
  17. Duty Beauty at Collingrad bop no one watched the booked entertainment.
  18. At anchor, Cawsand Bay, broken down. Post refit trials gone to pot. Great!
  19. Watched it five days after the event, Downsouth.Falkland. Some mess members mother taped the whole thing, we watched it over about three days,

    Queen were the best
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...well it beats a home-made porno... 8O :wink:

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