Calling all military spouses!!

I am a military spouse and currently on a foreign posting with my husband, during this time I am in completing a PhD – ‘The Impact of British Military Foreign Postings on Accompanying Spouses’. I have progressed well with my study – and have interviewed military spouses based in my foreign posting – including one male...hoorah!!

I am now at a point where I have created a website for the next phase of my study so that I can hold an online forum with spouses who have also been on a foreign posting(s) in worldwide locations. Would you like to take part? Or do you know of any military spouses who have been on a foreign posting with the British Military, who may fancy taking part in a short-term forum? In brief I will be posting one or two questions a week on my forum over a 6 – 8 week period, and participants can be involved as much or as little as they like, and they can choose to remain anonymous. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested please have a look at for full information.

By involving more military spouses from other foreign postings adds more variety to my study, so any suggestions are much appreciated! YOUR OPINIONS ARE SO VITAL! So if you are interested please have a look at my website

I am a civilian researcher and am completely independent of the three Military Services, and I have ethics approval from the University of Plymouth and from the MoD Research Ethics Committee. The work will become part of my PhD thesis. I will also send a short report to the MoD when the study is completed. Please note I have previously contacted Site Admin for ARRSE, RumRation and RearParty and they are aware of my study and have said it is OK to advertise on the forum.

Many thanks for your support and interest!
I look forward to hearing from you!


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I don't wish to be rude but what is it exactly that your work is expected to reveal. I would have thought the separation from families, dislocation from careers etc has been long established?

Perhaps more to the point what do your results expect to change? There is the continuous attitude survey and I believe there was a recent survey more specifically targetted to families, which was intended to seek out issues that required addressing as evidence for future funding measures.
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A vast amount of research has been completed regarding the impact on a military spouse due to deployment separation. However, research investigating the impact of relocating as an accompanying spouse on a foreign posting with the British Military has not been reviewed. In general my aim is to investigate how British military spouses perceive this impact, to assess the social influences, to investigate how they adjust to an unfamiliar environment and to identify principles of best practice from each of the three British Armed services and the potential areas of improvements in supporting families posted to a foreign country.

Thank you for your interest.

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