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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MikeShin, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I sat my RT exam last May and have found out that the mine warfare branch has been put forward. Im not complaining or anything but does anyone know why and might it hav something to do with Afghanistan?

  2. What does that mean?
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One presumes the waiting time for WS(MW) has reduced slightly because there is an intake planned for Term 3 (Jan-April 2012).

    As Mine Warfare involves sea mines rather than landmines & Afghanistan is 800 miles inland, I doubt it has much to do with the price of bread, unless anyone knows different.

    Mine Clearance Divers on the other hand are trained in Explosive Ordnance Disposal afloat, underwater or ashore.
  4. Various branches are starting to be called forward to be processed due the waiting times coming down, Candidates having waited 1 year etc. The AFCO's are being given dates (dates sat RT) and branches to process ready for an entry within the next 12 to 18 months.

    Hope this helps

  5. The MCMVs are very busy, MikeShin; there are four based permanently in Bahrain and they have plenty to be getting on with.
  6. cheers for your help guys. so will i be in raleigh jan-april next year then?
  7. Apart from flying the flag, they actually haven't. Trust me ask any ships company out there at the moment, the sea bed is as barren as Temeraire swimming pool. Very frustrating doing a nine month deployment when all you're doing is excercises!
  8. And your point is? The MCMVs aren't on station to make your life interesting, they're there to do a job. The multitude of exercises you are doing have a point, contribute to the OC of both the MCMV force and the wider 5th Fleet, and you need to keep on repeating them. And yes, I've done 6 months out there, it was boring. I punched through and came home again.
  9. ATG you would argue black was white. My point been that Soleil's original post said "the MCMV had plenty to be getting on with." When stand fast excercises they haven't got a lot to do in the operational sense. As a young thrusting 2 ringer I expect nothing else than you towing the party line with your "wider picture" comments. Trust me I would rather be right up the top of the NAG ACTAULLY doing the job. Sadly this is now been done by civillian diving EOD companies (ie NGO's such as Ronco and Minetech). I never in my 25 years thought the mob was there to make my life interesting, but as I am away I would rather be doing something that is now farmed out to the private sector, rather that doing route surveys on barren sea beds.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2011
  10. well, if you've done 25 years I'd hope you'd realise that the NAG is old news: we don't exist to lower the insurance premiums of MVs, and if the Iraqi Government want to achieve that then the commercial route is easily the way to go. I'm not pushing the party line per se, rather the party line is actually quite a good (and interesting) one - see my comments on Arrse regarding some other "party lines" I don't agree with. And they do have plenty to get on with, it's no better or worse than a PIKE or ROCOCO in UK Waters.

    Yes, I might be young, and thrusting, but what would you rather I said about your branch and the deployments the MCMVs do? If you want me to provide a negative take on it all, I can, but then I've no doubt you'd get a sad on about that too....
  11. Why would have I sad on? I only stated that I would rather be doing something operational as oppossed to pissing about on route surveys.
  12. Yes, I might be young, and thrusting, but what would you rather I said about your branch and the deployments the MCMVs do? If you want me to provide a negative take on it all, I can, but then I've no doubt you'd get a sad on about that too....[/QUOTE]

    Don't really get that line? Provide a negative line???
  13. Route Survey is operational, dull but operational. A bit like the SSBN patrol, equally dull, more important, and equally as operational.
  14. Going from a Herrick tour to route survey does not feel operational to me!!
  15. Going from a HERRICK tour to anything may not feel operational, but that's the way it goes.

    Route Survey is dull, boring, and tiresome. It also wins wars, but lets not hope it gets to that point, because suddenly HERRICK will seem like a picnic and you'll want to be in a PB somewhere!
  16. Frogman..your wasting your time trying to educate the brainwashed promotion chasers from the wardroom. The bigger picture is about using assets efficiently and effectively, Only the RN leaders can afford to use very expensive divers to do low tech seamanship tasks, in civvy street the project manager ( ship's CO ) would be out on his ar$e pronto for wasting resources. Probably why not many ex MCDO officers make it into the commercial EOD /diving world.
    The reason for using civvy contractors is we are cheaper, because we are more efficient, more effective and more interested in achieving the objective than chasing medals and rings. We also somehow manage to wash our own dishes and make our own beds without the need for a £20,000 + per year flunky on the payroll.
  17. Mate, if you want, we can chop MCDs full stop. No problems with that at all.

    I quite like my flunky, he makes a damn good cup of tea, and shines my shoes a treat.
  18. We pretty much have stopped them, did you know Spider they don't even do and 0801 course!! They do a babies course at Lodge Hill and that's it. Effing piss take.

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