Call up issues sorted at last


Just done optag for herric - during the mobilisation period I produced my P60 form my civvy job plus my RNR p60, this time unlike optellic when jnr rates had a ceiling on their pay brakets (went to war on a loss) they have made my pay up including last years RNR pay and £458 call up bonus bargain............................ oh plus LSA when i get out there fags £7 for 200 - think I'm onto a nice little earner.

Oh and when I was travelling down - i heard people moaning on the radio about kit issue - or the lack of it in the forces - well unlike Optellic the Navy have got their shit together and you now get everything that you can think of and a load more (ebay I thinks lol) I now need a camel to hump the kit mountain to theatre.

Anyone RN / RM including reservists now have to complete a 2 week optag course before going to theatre.
course requirements: fitness test (max 2 months before course start date)
indate for weapons test

a great course which would have benifitted those who where on optellic (not the big brother contingent who stayed down south with the swimming pool lol)
Course includes: shoot, Field NBCD, first aid, 3 day military skills, kit issue ,
hard work but great fun


War Hero
Tend to agree - the RN has got it more together than the other services. The OPTAG was cracking; tauight by an outstanding team.

When it came to humping the kit in theatre, I had to be my own camel though. My advice, try to establish comms with the person you're taking over from and determine exactly what you need to bring with you. You may not need it all!