Call to arms

Saw this on Arrse, thought it might draw the attention of you green lidded types, any ideas?

I'm posting this here, because I'm not a member of Rum Ration - I have no need to go there. Mod's feel free to move this either to RR or any other appropriate fora.


Without destroying my own PERSEC, I drink on a fairly regular basis in The George Hotel, in Brecon. I (occasionally operate my office from there (the odd beer and coffee makes chasing clients a better experience), I am a Pads Brat and can spot a walt from about 50yds (my old man was a cloud puncher - dont laugh, he started on real guns (Bofors 40/70) and progressed to TEGWRA and RD (stopping off at Mons OCS and RSA on the way)).

The schwerpunkt is, there's a bloke in here who is ex RM - he's not a walt. Did time in the far east including Cambodia/Khmer Republic. His arse is falling out of his trousers (literally), he won't accept any form of help from the local council (Regimental Pride appears to have something to do with it). He appears to be living in his time in either the Booties or the Khmer Republic. There are a number of us here who want to help, but don't want to appear to him as being intruding.

Where do we go?

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