Call of Duty: World at War (PLAYSTATION 3)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Scarface2009, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Just bought it pre owned, rather disapointing compared to Modern Warfare, still.. if anyone has it, and plays online, what is your username,

    p.s this is for the PS3 VERSION of the game, not Xbox360 or PC
  2. It's the same game engine used for COD4. So not sure why it dissapointing, the fact it has more online capability (althought not as much as they should be). I like both games, I just hope MW2 has more online facilities than the first.

    I haven't played it on PS3 so can't comment, I'm talking from 360 point of view.

    However I've always been interested in WW2 games
  3. Same hre, but they have just done too0 many, cod1,2,3 and 5 are about ww2
  4. That's because with WW2 there are far more stories to be told therefore so many games to be made. Although soon enough they will run out lol

    But I don't see how because it's a WW2 game it's disappointing compared to COD4, it's the same game engine just one is based on realistic events of the past (with a fiction aspect) and the other is based on mainly fiction of the future/present. Both play the same, graphics are the same just different era's.

    It's far the best WW2 game that's been made, it could be even better but it plays no different to COD4
  5. user name: Matelot_Jim, no real thought there!
  6. See COD is where you have all been going wrong! I'm a Medal of Honour fan!
  7. I used to be a MOH fan until I played airborne, the graphics haven't improved compared to the recent COD games, MOH is so far behind in gamplay and graphics IMO.

    I still love MOH but was very dissapointed with their last game.
  8. aye roll on MW2 looks awesome.
  9. Defo looking forward to MW2, I just hope they provide better Online Mulitplayer facilities, like split screen online
  10. Computational overhead for split-screen might be asking too much of the engine considering the amount of processing required for the game session and the inability to restrict content in terms of FX, though it would be nice to have the option.

    Big fan of MW, really looking forward to MW2. Got my Red Tiger for the M40A3 the other night, was well chuffed :D
  11. If anyone wants me to shoot their face off on WaW Xbox 360 I am:

  12. Might have to get a 360 just so Monty can put his money where his mouth is :D
  13. Just been playing online, not so great either, defo gunna have to get Modern Warfare 2
  14. my PSN name is kyle2132

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