Call Of Duty 4

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Chicogiz, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. As anyone on here played this? The game is good but short. If you want to spend £40 pound for 7 hours buy it, if not dont. But other than that the game great.
  2. Multiplayer is the best way to play this game.
    And i agree the single player game is good but very short.
    Dont forget to upload the new patch for the game when playing it online.Up to 1.4 now in new patches.
  3. Do not select the easy level and try again

    The on line multiplayer is really good
  4. Multiplayer.

    Go here: for an adult game.

    We play Hardcore Tactics. No HUD, no Grenade Damage Warning etc etc.
    Crouch-Walk only unless under fire or running from explosives. Use tactics and patience, FAR better than the kiddie servers with idiots running around like headless chickens!!


    My Clan :)
  5. I will give your lot a go then
  6. And if you want a sniper only server try

    big difference between run and gun and sniper.
  7. Lamri can i join your clan? I will be online on january 1st - my birthday
  8. Click the link, register on the site and post details in the "Introduce Yourself" thread, after reading the sticky on what to write. Then you will be validated and can post etc.
    If you want to join the clan you will need a headset with mic for our Ventrilo server (IP although anyone using our bf2 or CoD4 servers is welcome to come in for a chat and a laugh.
    We all help pay towards the cost of the clan, and as it is a TriService Clan, you need to either be IN or EX services or ACTUALLY, REALLY going to JOIN UP :) (Get the hint there?) ;)
  9. Sorry i didnt mention,But is it for computer? I have call of duty 4 on xbox 360.
  10. Oh FFS!
    Why do I bother?
  11. pmsl :whdat:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You've got to hand it to Chico, not only does he make him self look a twat, he takes others with him :thumright: all be it unwillingly (on their part)
  13. Hmm.
    And other such stuff. :D
  14. Did ever an avatar better fit with it's owner than Chico's with himself? Everything we know about the lad is summed up in that little bemused face :w00t:
  15. Yeah but that just makes me want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George :)
    (You'd have to see the one with the abominable snowman to understand)
  16. What have i done now?
  17. Nothing to do with COD4, but I am just loving your latest avatar Lamri. :)

  18. Why thank you, my aim is to please! :)
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've finally got a decent copy of COD4 and can play online. See you in the TSG!

    Tried last night on a few random servers, I must have seemed like a sea scout on a SF exercise, I was fragged senseless. Tail well between my legs!
  20. Click my Sig and sign up to the website dodger.
    Our CoD4 server ip address is in the TSG banner :)

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