Call Of Duty 4 ON PS3?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Chicogiz, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Hey is anyone a clan leader online for ps3 call of duty 4? If you are can i join? Is there anyone who knows some good clans?

    Many Thanks,
    Chicogiz (Luke)
  2. Not a clan leader, but on there and getting fed up with fcuking french cnuts talking over the game play.

    Some knobber was on there yesterday playing a guitar....FFS!

    BTW, i'm STETZLER.
  3. Lol i know what you mean.
  4. It's another World! :lol:

    I can already see the grey hairs taking over! ;)
  5. Chico, these guys need CoD4 players mate :)

    Try googling for CoD4 PS3 Clans ;)
  6. Don't know any clans...
    But got no one in my friends list who plays CoD4....
    If anyone wants to ad me my Online ID is gazrob1982
  7. Level 55, cant be arsed to do prestige, i play on 360, any matelot want to play feel free to add to friends..
  8. Forgot to add gamertag.. KieranS22
  9. I've been playing a fair bit now (almost saw daylight the other day) o_O o_O but if anyone wants to add me my player ID is Pendragon84.
  10. Bastards, anyway, add me on ps3: royalbumbaclod

  11. Just started online realy want to join a clan, my game tag is BoxKickerSubs. Feel free to add to the list.
  12. I have cod4 on the ps3, add me on kyle2132
  13. Im on too, now Im back, but only on the weekends. My user name is matelot_jim and COD 5
  14. Will post later once my 360 gets back. Warranty due for 1/5/09 and it recently started the GPU error nonsense. Swift kick in the tits and I managed to get the 3 reds :D

    55 on COD4, no prestige though, that's pretty gash imo

    Tag = Rob 077
  15. Im on COD4 on the 360 aswell, my gamertag is ' hotdogtopdog ' add me to get a kicking :D

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