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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BLUEsu, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Just had a wake-up (yep, at 11:30) call from my AFCO!

    Apparently someone has pulled out, and I'm off to Raleigh on the 2nd May to start my career as a Comms Tech! Beats waiting until October! :eek: :D

    Apologies, so excited I just had to share it. Can't believe someone changed their mind...
  2. congratulations hope you enjoy it,
  3. Thats brilliant news :D ! Did you already have a letter from them saying you were going to start in October, or was that just an estimated start date from you CA?
  4. You're awesome!

    Can I touch you?
  5. You can touch me if you want.
  6. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. :D
  7. October was just a verbal estimate from my CA. Unbelievable :D

    and thanks!
  8. Just one more question, when did you pass everything?
  9. 2DD...

    Pretend Im alive a moment... She divs?
  10. I can't quite remember, but along time ago. I originally joined the RNR, but then transferred my application to the RN so I joined the waiting list around early summer time last year.

    Are you thinking of CT aswell?
  11. Yes.

    And a ninja too.
  12. I scored high enough for CT, but not got the GCSE's unfortunately.
  13. I can also scratch my own knees without bending down.
  14. I want a private viewing when you get down to God's country :wink:
  15. Roger...

    Dead again.

  16. Thats quite a talent... Short legs or long arms?
  17. Both!
  18. You'll blend in with the Cornish perfectly
  19. I'm lost. Am I invited?
  20. Tidy!

    Anything else?

    Didnt used to be a fella did you? Like Hayley?

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