Californian rabbits

They say you should never go back, but I’m going to attempt to revisit my long lost youth by revisiting the heady days of Global 86. Yep, I’m off to Cally-forn -I-A only not on full subbies this time. :glasses8:

So, as befits a chap going on a jolly, what rabbit would you like me to bring you back and more importantly, why?
Shhh! Don't mention Global 86 just in case Stan the Man hears .....

But can I have a pair of Blues Brothers sunglasses .... I've lost mine! Story was I had to go up to the naval hospital in San F to organise a pair of glasses for the raving Bish who'd broken his ... While I was there nice Septic eye person asked me if we all had decent sunglasses as the pacific sun was stronger. Ended up making a pair of Blues Brothers sun specs for everyone in the PO's mess. And nice Septic Eye Person discovered CSB!

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