CAF - Help For Heroes John O'Groats to Land's End Cycle

Sir, Gentlemen, (and certainly some Ladies too),

9 members of COMUKAMPHIBFOR (Portsmouth) are planning on cycling from John O'Groats to Land's End over 10 days, commencing on 01 Jun. Our route will take us over 1,100 miles, visiting Sellyoak Hospital on the way, as well as as many RM/RMR/RN units that we canstuff in to the trip.

Should you feel the urge, please visit and give what you can. Failing that, please put the address out to others - we are hoping to raise £30,000 overall. Even if you feel you can't sponsor for whatever reason (and we know that times are hard), please keep an eye on that webpage to see how we're getting along.

We're all currently based in the COB in Basrah and are having to train on Spinning Cycles.....the sight of 9 hairy arsed bootnecks/RN on spinners being screamed at my lithe ladies is enough to warrant sponsoship in itself!

Thanks for your time.
I will most certainly put the word out to others and will try and donate. I may even get my youth group to raise money for the cause as they want to fundraise but cant agree on a charity/ cause to give to.

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