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  1. Looking for help! Sorry if i have put this in the wrong place but had a look around and saw that there wasn't anything on this that i could see. I'm applying to join as a warfare officer on a cadetship entry, i'm in the sixth form now and wanted to know what my chances of getting in are, i heard that it was very hard to get in and my ACLO said the same but still is letting me have a go for it - is it futile?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's worth giving it a go for sponsorship, however as already advised there are very few available & as you would expect, only the top quality candidates get it.

    You will never know if you don't try & it is always worth aiming high, but establish a fall-back option.

    For Warfare Officer you do not need a degree to join, so why not join with the basic GCSE & A2 requirement if you pass AIB but do not get offered a University Cadetship?
  3. Well m8 i am one that know alot about this because ive been AFCO and asked and got a information book on it, but all the navy wants to see is if they think you can get the degree they will offer you it but if you have bad GCSE'S and think you cant they will think twice. im going by what is said on the book but have you tryed the royal navys website for more info?

  4. the ebsite is near useless on he cadetship front practicly no information what so ever! And on the gcse front 5 A* 6 A were my results, but i don't think they will just be looking for that.
  5. Chicogiz, are you sure your not getting confused with sponsorship. When I enquired about the cadetship I was told they giove out 1/2 a year. They are looking for Oxbridge standard students who have potential to be a key part in running the fleet in the future.

    Don't let this put you off!
  6. pretty hard really! I never realised it was THAT exclusive, i'm not dim but im not exactly oxbridge style
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Indeed not, they are looking for people prepared to take the initiative, academic high achievers, those that "do" rather than complain, those able to be trained. Those that do not expect all the answers spoon-fed.

    From the RN Website:

    Degree Sponsorship

    Various schemes exist to support potential Royal Navy Officers while they study for their degree. Arts students can apply for £1,500 per year, and Engineers for £4,000 per year, wherever in the country they are attending university.

    Aspiring Engineer Officers can apply to the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS ), which offers £5,500 per year to students at five specified universities in the UK (Aston, Loughborough, Newcastle, Northumbria, Southampton and Oxbridge).

    The University Cadetship scheme is also open to the very best candidates for several branches. Successful applicants undertake a year’s Officer training before going to University. They are paid as a Royal Naval Officer while studying.

    Engineer Graduates applying to join the Royal Navy as Officers may be eligible for a Golden Hello of £12,000 on joining.

    Students can get anywhere between £1,500 and £5,500 a year paid towards their university costs, depending on the course. There’s also a university cadetship scheme, which means your son or daughter gets paid a substantial salary while studying.


    For entry into the Royal Navy as an officer you need a good educational background with 140 UCAS points or more (2 A-levels or equivalent). Many officers now join as graduates, though by no means all. Education is not all we look for though – personal qualities of potential leadership, initiative and management are just as important.

    If you’re interested in a career as an officer in the Royal Navy and want to achieve as much as you can, our sponsorship schemes give you the chance to get financial assistance or earn a wage while you study.

    A-Level Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sixth Form Scholarship Scheme

    If you are a student in Year 11 or 12 you can apply for one of our Sixth Form scholarships of £1,050 a year. You will also get the chance to experience Naval life before you start training, for example by sampling life at sea as the guest of the wardroom of a ship. If you are successful in gaining a scholarship you are also free to apply for university sponsorship.

    Welbeck College

    Those with aspirations to join the Royal Navy as an Engineer could study at the Defence Sixth Form College (DSFC), Welbeck, near Loughborough. This is a purpose built sixth form college, with on-site, en suite boarding accommodation, and boasts some of the country’s finest, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. You will study alongside other students pursuing careers in the Armed Forces and MOD Civil Service.

    Welbeck College

    Degree Sponsorship Opportunities

    If you’re thinking of going to university or are already studying for a degree you could consider applying for one of our degree sponsorship schemes. There are 3 bursary schemes available, the Standard Bursary, the Technical Bursary and the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme, or you might apply for a University Cadetship.

    Bursary Schemes

    As a bursar you will remain a civilian while studying but will be expected to spend part of your vacations getting to know the Service. You can apply for a bursary either before you start university or at any time during your course.

    Standard and Technical Bursaries

    Standard Bursaries are available to those wishing to join the Warfare, Logistics or Fleet Air Arm branches, to assist with the costs of studying any subject at any UK university. The bursary is currently worth £1,500 per year.

    Technical Bursaries are available to those studying for an accredited engineering degree who wish to be an Engineer Officer on joining, and is £4,000 per year at present.

    Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS)

    This Scheme is also for those wishing the join the Royal Navy as Engineer Officers. Approximately 30 students each year are sponsored to read accredited engineering degrees at the Universities of Southampton, Newcastle upon Tyne, Aston, Loughborough and Northumbria. Financial support of £5,500 per year is available for members of the DTUS Scheme.

    Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme

    Golden Hello

    If you are interested in a career as an Engineer Officer and already hold an accredited engineering degree you may be eligible for a Golden Hello of up to £12,000.

    University Cadetship

    This scheme is for people who really want to get on in the Royal Navy and you will start university or college as an officer. You are paid a substantial salary for each year of your study:
    o 1st year £11,337
    o 2nd year £13,016
    o 3rd year £14,615
    o 4th year £15,954

    You will complete one full year of Naval training before beginning your degree course. This consists of two terms at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, and a period of time at sea.

    BRNC Dartmouth

    Medical and Dental Cadetship

    Medical and dental cadetships are available to students on accredited degree courses for their last 3 years of study. You are paid a substantial salary for each year:
    o 1st year £13,296
    o 2nd year £14,597
    o 3rd year £16,625

    Please note: All these sponsorship schemes require a certain period of service within the Royal Navy as part of their terms and conditions. Anyone receiving any assistance under any of these Schemes who then does not join the Royal Navy, or who leaves before the period of service is complete, may be required to repay some or all of the money they received. For further details, please ask at your local Armed Forces Careers Office.

    There's not a lot else to say on the subject- take your AIB, see how you do. We already have our quota of complainers, we need dynamic individuals to invest in, rather than those that fail to accept responsibility & blame others for their own inertia.

    Frankly, you have to consider why the RN would possibly want to sponsor you through 4 years of university, undertaking a Law Degree which is of no vocational benefit to the service in your intended role as a Warfare Officer.

    Good luck.


    University Cadet Entry details:
    For Cadetship read: "sponsorship"
    Golden "Hellos"
  8. [post deleted - not fighting the white!]

  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Al, your points are very valid-just my poor phraseology to blame, I apologise for any confusion. There was no need to delete your post.

    My post edited to add the above comment.
  10. ah, in which case, I'll delete my post!

    so much easier to help the "white" when you're actually aware of it! :-|
  11. what point did you make alfred? i need all the help i can get!
  12. honestly - i took my AIB at 15, I was awarded a 2 year 6th form scholarship and a cadetship from that board. I studied moderately hard, had a laugh on the board and didn't worry too much. I can't tell you if that is the way to success, but it worked for me!

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