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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by diesel_weasel, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. We've got a cadet size gun and limber silently rusting away in the corner of our unit and I'd like to see it get some use. Can anyone give me any pointers for info on course layout, what they have to do in the run, crew size and positions, etc. I did Brickwoods (cough) years ago, but I know its differrent for a cadet run. Any help appreciated.
  2. Try the SCC forums, and try and get in to contact with someone from Medway Towns SCC, they have a couple of field guns (and as much as it pains me to say this, they seem to be quite good at it), and might well be able to give you some pointers.

    Sorry its not a bit fuller.
  3. You could also try the VCC at HMS Collingwood. Not sure what night they have their meetings, but worth a try and am sure they will have all the details you require.
  4. Cadet's Field Gun

    I know it's been a while since this thread was started, but while I was looking through I thought I would answer it.

    Firstly you need 19 cadets.

    1. Muzzle Spike - The pole that goes into the gun barrel
    2.Heavy End - Hold the gun level when the wheels are taken off
    3.Heavy End - Hold the gun level when the wheels are taken off
    4.Gun Wheel - Take the wheels off the gun and transfer them to the limber
    5.Gun Wheel - Take the wheels off the gun and transfer them to the limber
    6.Slats - Pull the limber with the T bar
    7.Slats - Pull the limber with the T bar
    8.Limber Wheel - Take the wheels off the limber and transfer them to the gun
    9.Limber Wheel - Take the wheels off the limber and transfer them to the gun
    10.Pins - Connect the drag ropes to the limber axle after the wheels have been put on
    11.Pins - Connect the drag ropes to the limber axle after the wheels have been put on
    12.Back of the box - Push the limber from the back of the box
    13.Back of the box - Push the limber from the back of the box
    14.Drag Rope - Pull the limber with the drag ropes
    15.Drag Rope - Pull the limber with the drag ropes
    16.Drag Rope - Pull the limber with the drag ropes
    17.Drag Rope - Pull the limber with the drag ropes
    18.Drag Rope - Pull the limber with the drag ropes
    19.Drag Rope - Pull the limber with the drag ropes

    Track Layout

    1. Start Line
    2. 10 yd line
    3. 30 yd line
    4. 40 yd line
    5. 63 yd line
    6. 68 yd line
    7. 70 yd line
    8. 83 yd line
    9. 85 yd line

    The Run

    1. The limber has to be on the 10 yd line facing the rest of the track. The wheels must be taken off and laid at the side of the limber the drag ropes must be folded in half at slightly in front of the limber axle with the shackle closest to the axle. The slat pole stays connected. The two limber wheel cadets have 1 pin each.
    2. the gun must be fully assembled on the 40 yd line

    1. [*=left]Once the cadets are warmed up line them up on the start line.
      [*=left]When the order to go is given the 5 cadets on the gun run straight to the gun (they do not do anything else yet). The limber crew go to the limber.
      [*=left]Next all the limber crew has to pick up the limber (except the pin cadets and the wheel cadets). Once the limber is lifted the wheel cadets slide the wheels on and then the pin cadets put the shackle on. Once the shackle is on the wheel cadets (who have the pins) insert the pins into the axle. They then shout 'IN'. Once both wheel cadets have confirmed the pins is in the limber advances to the 30 yd line.
      [*=left]At the 30 yd line, there is a wheel change. As the gun crew see the limber approaching the muzzle spike cadet needs to push up on the gun so the wheels come off the ground. The heavy end cadets then move in to stabilise the gun and assist the muzzle spike cadet.
      [*=left]Once the limber is a the 30 yd line the gun wheel cadets take the pin out (keep hold of it) and run to the limber. The limber wheel cadets do the same and run to the gun. The pin cadets need to grab hold of the shackle so they can slide it on once the wheels are on. The wheels are now put on to the gun and limber (this is the first wheel change). The pin cadets put the shackles on the axle of the limber and the wheel cadets put the pin in and shout IN (same as first limber build at the start). On the gun the wheel cadets simply need to put the pin in and shout IN.
      [*=left]Next the limber advances towards the gun. The limber needs to stop at a 45 degree angle on the 40 yd line.
      [*=left]The two gun wheel cadets (who used to be the limber wheel cadets before the wheel change) each grab a handle on the gun and connected to the limber using the eye and hook.
      [*=left]The limber and gun is then run to the 63 yd line, where the trainer gives the order 'UP LIMBER'. The two cadets on slats fling the limber in the air, while the two gun wheel cadets un-hook the gun from limber.
      [*=left]The gun is then run to the gun action zone (between the 83 and 85 yd lines) with the barrel facing away from the limber. While this is happening the limber needs to be swung around and completely taken apart (like it was at the beginning). When the limber is taken apart the axle has to land in between the 68 and 70 yd line. Make sure that you swing the limber around so the T pole is facing the start line. After the limber has been taken apart the limber wheel cadets have to give the pins to the pin cadets.
      [*=left]There is now a short break. No one is allowed to move or touch any of the equipment. The only members allowed to touch anything are the pin cadets they hold the shackles and pins.
      [*=left]When the order to go is given the limber is re-assembled like it was at the beginning, except this time it's the pin cadets doing not just the shackle but the pin to (DONT'T FORGET - WHEEL, SHACKLE, PIN, SHOUT IN)
      [*=left]Once the limber has been rebuilt it's run backwards to the gun with the two gun wheels cadets lift the gun and hook it up to the limber again.
      [*=left]Once the limber and gun are hooked up they are run to between the 40 and 30 yd lines, it is the responsibility of the trainer to call the stop.
      [*=left]Once the whole thing has come to a stop, it is all lifted together. The wheel cadets take the pins and wheels and swap the round and the pin cadets grab the shackles, then it is put back together. DON'T FORGET THIS TIME YOU ARE WAITING FOR FOUR PEOPLE TO SHOUT IN NOT TWO.
      [*=left]After the double lift the whole thing is run back over the start line.
      [*=left]Time stops when either the last person or the gun axles crosses the line - whichever comes first.
      [*=left]Hope it goes well, good luck!
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  5. In walks man/woman in hard hat, steel toed boots and yellow jacket, with clip board... ' Sorry, you cant do that. Health and safety. Someone might pinch a finger.' :)
  6. Why is there 19 cadets? Never ran that car park shite but commands had 18
  7. The RNBBB (HMS Drake's SCC unit in the 60's) used to have two field gun units and did a very impressive display with them. Racing against each other and muzzle loading the shot. Don't know what ever happened to the field gun pieces
  8. In my dim and distant past I was a member of Medway Towns SCC and we ran every year at Chatham Navy days against the Chatham Marine Cadets. The run as I seem to remember was from the start line to a wall which on the left was solid and the limber went over this part having had the wheels removed whilst on the right was a hole in the wall which the gun went through sideways negative wheels and the limber wheels went through. Assembled the other side then a run to the end where we performed an "action rear" - gun and limber parted and three shots were fired (in reality three thunder flashes down the barrel).
    Repeat down to the other end with another action rear and then a run to the middle. Each run was timed and we performed twice a day. We were good at it. My late Father was our trainer - an ex POPTI and former trainer to the Nore Command Field Gun Crew. This would have been about 1973/74.

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