Hi wasn't sure where to post this....hoping someone can help.
My son joined junior sea cadets last week. He has come home this evening and has put his name down to collect for remembrance day on Saturday and take part in the remembrance parade in Helensburghon Sunday....the problem is he hasn't got the uniform? They have given him a jumper which is miles too small and a windproof jacket.......but nothing's all new to me but I assume they maybe have to order it. He really wants to prticipate in these things at the weekend but feels very uncomfortable with the fact that he hasn't got the right gear......I don't know what to do as I can't contact the cadets here as they only have a mobile switched on on the parade night itself as an emergency contact and they have no facilityto leave a message outside hours.
Is it possible for me to buy the stuff somewhere....or even better would hubby be able to obtain them from stores......where does the stuff come from?
Thanks Looby x


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Looby, fairplay to your son. I doubt the people that will give will be any less generous because of a uncorrectly dressed lad. Fair play for him wanting to help.
See if Hubby can get the lad a hat from stores and a Neptune cap tally.

The windproof jacket and hat should do it.

You need his hat size though ------measure around his head above his eyes mid forehead [like where a hat would sit!] with a cloth tape measure
the measurement is in centimetres . Possibly a 55 or 54 ?? or even get him a beret with a badge --berets stretch or shrink might be cheaper !!

I don't think they issue uniforms till you have done a bit of attendance time first.

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Hi all,
A bit late in the day I know, but thought I'd update. Hubby bought him a jumper from stores and along with the baseball cap and coat they had given him he looked fine.
I was really proud of him....he did his 2 hour stint collecting then volunteered to go back and do another 2 hours. Then on the Sunday he did the Parade in Helensburgh then volunteered to do it again in Alexandria. So a very busy weekend!
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