What ever the motivation, if they can make it work it is a good idea and worth supporting.

It could go part of the way to redress some of the problems we are still suffering caused by the politisation of education in the days of Wilson Foot and co when almost all non teaching activities by teachers were stopped.

Whilst they are no simple panacea the growth of extra curricular activities of a constructive nature in schools is to be supported as they will increase the number of youths who learn self discipline and responsibility.


Lantern Swinger
I am most definitely for this, or something like it.

Did me no harm....

However, I cant help thinking that the fathers, in many cases, would beneift too, as a lack of discipline and boundaries at home is most certainly, IMHO, part of the problem.
I also agree that this is a welcome about turn. As discussed on another Thread, there will be some purple faces in the NUT, though:

A minor point is that increased activity will absorb additional funds; except it's unlikely there will be additional funds. Not a problem, of course because it can take up some of the slack in the core Defence Budget! Considering the SCC and the Naval component of the CCF, these are already funded on a shoe string. The Cadet Forces are encouraged to prepare annual Requirement Document to allow IPTs (predominantly BASS) to fund their needs. If the IPT funds are squeezed at the STP Scrutiny, the scope for Cadet needs to be adequately covered is limited and that's just to maintain the current activity. Increased activity would make the Scrutiny presentation interesting, to say the least. It's normal for replacement Craft such as Bosun Dinghies and Lasers to be funded by end of year Commitment "drift" on the main programmes. The "lose most of what you don't spend" principle. Even then, that does not generally keep pace with attrition.

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