Cabbage mechanic needed.

Just found this on a job website...thinking of signing up...

Salary: On entry £14,145. After 26 weeks’ training or completion of phase 2 (whichever is sooner), your salary increases to £17,515 plus a £5000 bonus on completion of submarine training and a daily supplement to basic pay of between £12.12 and £26.66 as well as £5.24 per day when at sea.
As a Chef (Submariner), you’ll be part of a busy team with a big responsibility. Your 120 crewmates need three nutritious meals a day. When the submarine is preparing for action, the crew works around the clock, which means you will too, keeping each shift properly fed. As well as preparing food, you’ll be involved in ordering and storing ingredients, managing the dining area and food hygiene practices. When your submarine calls at a friendly foreign port, you could be entertaining royalty, which means you’ll be producing international cuisine to the highest standards. You’re part of a combat unit, so you’ll have your own role as a firefighter. You could also be trained as a planesman, the man who operates the steering and depth controls, literally giving you hands-on control of a nuclear submarine.
You’ll need commitment, enthusiasm and common sense and above all, you need to work well as part of a team. Serving on board a submarine takes a special type of person. Like any professional kitchen, a submarine’s galley can be hot, compact and extremely busy so you’ll need to be calm under pressure, be organised and have an eye for detail. This will apply even in the tough, demanding conditions of a submarine below the waves anywhere in the world.

As a Submariner, you’ll qualify for the bonus of £5000 when you’re awarded your ‘dolphins’ on completion of submarine training. We also offer an excellent pension scheme, six weeks’ paid holiday a year and free medical and dental care.
Age: 16 to 36.
Nationality: British or British dual citizenship.
Qualifications: No specific qualifications are needed for this job. - 1 day ago
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Methinks they're being a bit economical with the truth there, "managing the dining area" must apply to bomber queens, "trained as a planesman"..I think not. But go for it Polts, we spent enough time in the galley repairing the place after the chef's liberal washdowns with buckets of water, always works well in an all electric galley :)

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