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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Any posts that are dealing with Current Affair issues do belong in the CA forum. It has come to light that some members are avoiding posting in CA, due to the recent culling sessions being had, there is a valid reason to why that has happened. I will either move these related threads to CA or axe them myself. If the below relates to any thread, there is a high probability it will be moved/locked/culled;

    * Breaking Opsec
    * Disrespecting families, those serving or not
    * Court Martials that have not yet been and gone
    * Trash
    * Duplicate
    * Or just simply making trouble.

    Any dull or boring posts will be moved to the 'Gash Barge'.

    Edited due to a useful point made by Jimmy
  2. Fair enough JD but I do disagree on one point. There is a place for stuff that is dull/boring & trash and that is The Gash Barge. To quote "The dullest, most irrelevant crap our users have to offer."
  3. Ah fair point, edited! Thanks!
  4. It might be a good idea to put condolences in the obituaries thread as well
  5. All I'd say Jen is that having something moved into Current Affairs will be a great deal less irritating than having something moved out of it on a whim. Sexy though his avatar is ... (the remainder is self censored due to a career spent adhering to equal opprtunities policies) ... :roll:
  6. And what happens when the CA mod decides that it is not worthy of CA?

  7. perhaps some posts will be batted around for eternity - forever consigned to the internet ether - just a sec the internet isn't real anyway - that means ... but ... what is the meaning of it all ... ??? :shock:
  8. 42
  9. When a CA mod decides it's not worthy , it gets moved into here. It won't be because I don't like the cut of yer jib , it'll be because it's really tabloid, irrelevant, bone etc etc etc.

    Who knows, myself and Jenny might get to play post-tennis, to while aeway the long hours on dog watch.
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    The 'Gang of Four' (ish) are also putting CA type posts in Lil's and going bone/oooer missus early. Looks like they've got Slim on board in their attempt to circumvent policy. Pity, he is otherwise one of the more sensible posters in CA, I could be sure that his posts would be sound and skip them if I had a load of hig and Lingyai to read. However, like others, he doesn't understand the nature of 'trouble' or for whom that contentious posts can bring the site.
  11. :shock:
  12. I normally put items gleaned from regional newspapers etc in CA However there are occasions that when I consider the news item to be frivolous, I then post in Quarterdeck or diamond lil's, sometimes even in the Gash barge as with ".More to village than just Dafydd".
    As I stated elsewhere, I have no problems with the MOD for the forum I have posted in moving it to a more relevant forum. Point of putting some of the CA posts in Quarterdeck is it allows response of a more lighthearted fashion
  13. Seadog.
    As i have been named in your post i feel that i have the right to reply.

    This gang of four or more, as you have named me and Lingyai, kindly name the rest, lets see who the conspirators are.

    A question i have asked often which has never been answered is, The Quarterdeck is an on line equivalent of a run ashore, trash will be removed and topic of the day will be moved to Current Affairs, what sort of run ashore is that? what Exactly should be posted in The Quartedeck?

    Current Affairs any tabloid stuff (which is current affairs) will be removed to the Quarterdeck, Exactly what should be posted in CA?

    Most Moderators PTP, Ghostie, Deeps and even our Sailbad put their point across fairly and they make a lot of sense and are easily understood by the membership.

    You sir, are different, read through your posts, sit back and understand what you have written. There is no major problem with most Moderators, but you, who cannot be bothered( your words) to explain why a post was deleted and you STILL have not answered a members question as to why, does not seem to understand why people question you, the fault with all this argy bargy lies with yourself, if you cannot see that then perhaps you should resign.

    Allegedly Lingyai, so he says has been threatened with being banned for his style of posting, as far as my own opinon goes he posts no worse nor any better than many others. So the Moderators , or shall we call them the BOARD have this power, by those very rules then, there must be a method of removing a moderator, as the site is more important than one person. How did you , and when did you become a moderator for the CA Forum?.

    Perhaps you should run a poll to see how popular you are, i should imagine, and its only my opinion, that a lot of members that join see this sort of thing thats happened lately and think, sod that for a game of soldiers. And now i await the mods to get together and dissect every little word i have written and avoid the major points that i have raised.

    No PMs please, open forum only as they will not be answered, and those are my rules.

    And one final point.
    The Rum Ration is the unofficial centre of rumour, gossip, intrigue and bullshit of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    higthepig wrote
    Oh really. What is this then? Check the post time.

    Seadog explains to Andym and others.

    No 'allegedly' about it. Your opinion is noted.

    Being a moderator isn't about being popular. There are higher standards required in Current Affairs. Some posters don't always meet those standards. As for the 'gang', neither you nor Lingyai were mentioned in the same sentence as the 'gang'. Don't jump to conclusions.

    With rules. The COs want it that way, otherwise there wouldn't be any need for moderators, ruthless or fluffy, would there?
  15. Ah well i concede its a no win situation, myself and Lingyai were mentioned in your post, its not clear then what you meant,

    My questions about the Quarterdeck and Current affairs , again have not been replied to.

    And you dont answer the question of how and when you became moderator.

    It is understood that being a Mod is not an easy task But a Moderator should be seen to be fair, and remarks such as "can`t be bothered " do not go down well.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    higthepig wrote

    Search for keyword 'bothered' author Seadog return results as posts only return my quoting you higthepig. So where did I say 'can't be bothered'. I note the quotation marks and "your words" so put up. Are you stirring higthepig? I don't recall seeing the question, of how and when I became a moderator. Why do you feel you have the right to know the minutiae of site Admin?

    How moderators are selected must be obvious to Blind Pugh by now.
  17. I seem to remember reading a thread from you seadog quoting the words "cant be bothered" too. Does this indeed mean that i'm a liar also??

  18. Seadog.

    I`m getting tired now, no I`am not stirring up anything, I`m not going to trawl through your posts, it was in the one with your spat over andym.

    The reason i asked you why and when was because there was a thread that overwhelmingy suggested for AAC to become the Mod for Current Affairs, dont we have a right to know how the Admin works? or is that only for the Mods?

    Again you pick and choose, my last thread asked you again what is needed to post in the Quartedeck and Current Affairs. Again it was ignored.

    I also suggested that you explain what you meant in your gang of four when myself and Lingyai were mentioned.

    If you dont wish to answer these questions then thats your perogative.

    Like i said I`m getting tired of this now, Perhaps my posts on this thread arent clear enough for you, i thought that they were simple questions, how wrong could i be.

    I also said in my last post that this is a no win situation, perhaps you hope that everyone will just go away.

    Bear one thing in mind Seadog, Moderation is not a Dictatorship.
  19. Seadog my apologies.

    Your actual words were " takes too much time and wont make any difference"

    which to me is the same as saying can`t be bothered.
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You missed a bit higtheppig.

    "Sometimes it takes too much time and won't make a difference.... "


    I'll take the time if it will make a difference. My actual words don't sound quite so dictatorial, do they?
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