A great shame that the don't make 'em like that anymore
Joined it in San Francisco about a thousand years ago. If they made 'em like that nowadays, I really hope
that they wouldn't stick seacats on them. A great gaggle of V.V.I.P.'s on the bridge - awaiting a firing of
one of them things were entertained by the sight of the port seacat lifting off in a gert cloud of smoke, flame
and noise....only to watch the fu**ing thing plummet into the Pacific about fifty yards from the side. Hardly
a demonstration of naval seapower......but funny nevertheless.


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I had Lion , killick of armourers mess June 1960. C34, Captain John Scotland, the finest Officer that I had the priviledge to serve under
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IF Blake had been anything like Superb, notionally at least her sister ship, it was a disaster. Superb had a very short life and was scrapped before any of the Town class. The only way to get rid of the host of cockroaches I presume.

The excuse was that Superb was built in wartime while other cruisers built before 1939.
Oddly enough other than carriers, Blake was one ship I hoped I would never get a draft to ,(post flight deck conversion)...so many negative tales about her from some who had. Dodged, it but caught the 'big 'E'....;)
I had a dread of being drafted to a floating aerodrome or VANGUARD. I hated being woken up by a bloody bugle. If I wanted that I'd have joined the army or the Boy Scouts. I lied in my teeth to make sure that I was allocated to Chatham so SUPERB was the biggest ship I served in. After ST. VINCENT I'd had my fill of being "Pusser'.
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